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Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Flips on AIG Bailout

Would the real John McCain please stand up? At the beginning of this week he was against any bailouts for any companies on Wall Street and by mid week he is all for it. Prior to this week he wanted less regulation on Wall Street and now he is for over regulating Wall Street. Somebody please point out who the real John McCain is for me? ABC News has this great report that is up on You Tube for you to judge for yourself…

Video Link

I’m not sure but it looks to me like somebody erased the red R at the end of John McCain’s name and penciled in a blue D? On most city busses it says to “Watch Your Step” as you exit the bus, over at the McCain Straight Talk Express bus it must say “Tuck and Roll” because this bus has no scheduled principal stops.

After watching several broadcasts on financial news about the current crisis it is evident that the nations financial institutions are in a serious free fall. This is not the end of the financial crisis either according to most analysts but it is getting close to the end. Next stop WaMU! I'm thinking that the Anti Regulation Maverick of yesterday has some responsibility for this mess but you will never hear that out of his mouth. Tuck and roll…


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