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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Seven Houses of McCain

John McCain was asked how many houses he has and he had to defer the question to a staffer? The fact that the Senator from Arizona could not answer that question played right into the “Richer than God” playbook for his opponent from Illinois in pegging John McCain’s enormous wealth to the common people of America. John McCain can play the common man role well but the hundred plus million fortune and too many houses to keep track of fact blew his covert cover. Before all of you pundits get your hair riled up, most likely all of the houses are in his wife’s name but the simple ground rules are that she is the wife of John McCain and thus they share a common mega fortune. Oh, and seven plus houses if you count all the buildings on the McCain aka compound in Arizona.

Over at CBS News and You Tube they have this to say on the latest McCain outrage…

Video Link

I used to own just one house. I had an investment property during that ownership but sold it off during tough times. Umm, are these properties that the McCain family owns investment properties or just places to crash for the mega rich and wealthy? Take your private jet, to which McCain owns, and just drop in for a weekend? My investment property was a three decker in Worcester. We rented the apartments out for what the market could bare and with both of us working fulltime jobs we could not keep up with the needs of the investment. My WIFE and I sold it off a couple of years after we bought it for a small profit and that was the end of our real-estate investment speculation. I honestly don’t think John and Cindy McCain are renting out many of their properties so the fact of being a hundred millionaire is square on the lapels of Johnny the “Maverick” McCain.

Just don’t tell anyone that he has so many houses that he can’t keep track of them all. How he comes off telling people that the economy is sound when foreclosures are going through the roof, to which I have had real life experience with, tells anyone with a straight face that he is one of us is a freaking joke!

Then you have the fact that the top contender for John McCain’s Vice President choice is none other than a man with a fortune estimated at close to one half billion dollars? Financed his own campaign for President to the tune of over $45,000,000 and recently ate the debt aka donation from his own checking account. How many houses does Mitt Romney have? That would be something for the Main Stream Media to look into. Start with Utah and work east…

The only way John McCain would lose his home is if he lost the damn keys to the front door. His back up is six other homes to sleep in. What’s yours?

Other folks talking about this issue:

My hat’s off to Panama John McCain for having the guts to run for the highest office in the land despite being on the losing end of an unwinnable battle against gravity and mortality. Some shameful folks are insinuating this only proves the Distinguished Gentleman From Arizona Panama has lost his mind….

We’ll see how “funny” you all think it is when the day (God forbid) comes when YOU forget how many mansions, plush homes — whatever — YOU own. - Gun Toting Liberal

And of course Politico with their follow up post here...


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Blogger The GTL™ said...

HEH... I friggin' LOVED it, bro! Linked back of COURSE ;-)

Blog ON and keep givin' 'em HAIL...

11:45 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the linkage GTL! Ya Rawck!

3:31 PM  
Blogger WaffleBakingStar said...

3 houses are actually investment properties they could "keep up" with.

One house to get to work into Washington.

Two units in a condominium, one I believe is being a home near the capital, the other is used by McCain's offspring(not sure if it's the one in Iraq or the blogger.)

And the only property you can use in an elitist argument: a ranch.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Keep the list going WaffleBakingStar because the house count has hit eleven according to all of the news sources! Johnny is just out of touch and has no clue as to his own family economics and we should trust him with the Presidency?

12:21 AM  

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