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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain and Ralph Reed Connection

Does the name Jack Abramoff ring a bell to you? How about his buddy and business partner Ralph Reed of Georgia? If those names don't seem familiar then let me tell you about them. These two guys worked as high power lobbyist with Republican members of the Congress and lavished them with gifts, trips, and anything they wanted to get legislation passed. When it came to the Senate investigation of Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, and the corruption they instilled in the Congress John McCain led the Senate in that investigation and did nothing when it came to the all powerful Ralph Reed. Hmmm, wonder why? Over at You Tube they have this possible answer…

Follow the money and you find where the candidate over on the right side of the aisle has his loyalties and John McCain is all about the money. When it comes to dirty money, McCain has only one response, how much have you got and when can I get my hands on it! McCain is dirty and the money trail from big oil to Ralph Reed proves it. Talking patriotism and what you want to hear can cost tons of cash and McCain would make a deal with the devil to get the money he needs to get the Oval Office.

Realistically, McCain is about as believable in his positions on many issues as an Exxon Executive is about cutting the cost of oil. Those thoughts just don’t mesh but McCain is taking in tons of cash from Exxon for toting the political line they want to hear. Now Ralph Reed is raising millions for the favors granted by the Senator and paying the debt off. Then again there is this other video from You Tube and McCain hypocrisy…

You be the judge.


*****Reuters has picked up this post, from Bring It On??? Ummm, Thanks?

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