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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

John McCain and Paris Hilton Fight

With John McCain comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton as far as fame goes was and is an idiotic mistake when it comes to politics. One of the prudent things to do in politics is not offend the press that buys ink by the barrel. The other thing you should not do as a politician running for President is insult a celebrity status symbol with more money than the U.S. Treasury could print in a month.

While the Hilton family quietly goes about their lives they also contribute hugely to the Republican Party and this was a hydrogen bomb on the Hilton family from the McCain for President campaign. Paris Hilton is a celebrity and her family is from the mega rich side of the political aisle, do you think she had to cry to daddy to fight back when her name that is also a trademark is tossed into the political bull fight ring? She has her own money, millions that she earned on her own, and daddy didn't have to point out all the connections she needed to defend her name and trademark!

I would post her video response to the McCain bashing Obama advertisement but YouTube has a third party copyright claim block on it? I wonder where that block is coming from? But over at Keith Olberman at MNSBC, they have the whole clip from Paris and more?

God bless ya Paris Hilton for fighting back! Bloggers like yours truly have your back Paris but I can't give you my vote or even suggest anyone should vote for you. Thank you for clearing up the fact that John McCain is grabbing at straws and waiving anything he can at the people to divert the real reason why Barack Obama is a celebrity. Obama is talking the issues and McCain is playing the Karl Rove play book when it comes to getting elected. Tell the people what they should fear and embrace it in your candidacy. There is only one problem with that thought process. Most of the things we the American people fear is the message that Senator McCain can no longer sell. Change does not come easy for an old wrinkly guy set in his ways when he refuses to face the truth of the energy crisis America has to face not just today but this hour.

Just for giggles, we should all mail a tire gas pressure gauge to the local McCain campaign.


*****Reuters has picked up this entire post. Thank you!

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Anonymous media boy said...

Paris obviously has some marketing savvy; she can turn anything into a PR boost for herself... thx to McCain’s miscalculation, she’ll be selling more cans of wine than ever

6:32 PM  

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