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Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain Smoke and Mirrors on Taxes

I have to laugh at the McCain campaign declaring Barack Obama someone that will raise taxes on the middle and lower classes in America. The Obama plan has a ceiling and it is on people earning over $250,000 dollars a year. If your family is over that income level then vote for the senile and dementia dude from Arizona. Trust me, I know what geriatric dementia is, been there, experienced that.

Dementia starts off slow and facts, figures, common know facts are lost or not having the ability to recall them. It can happen to people as early as their fifties and sixties. John McCain is not thinking as clearly as he was just ten years ago. One snaffu or one gaff is okay, even two or three are okay, when you get into dozens then we have a problem people! When everything he says or does is played out with the POW card it is a disgrace to the Veterans all across America. John McCain was not the only POW in Vietnam or for that matter in all the wars this nation has fought. John McCain is not in full capcity of his faculties and that is the truth of just getting old. Our bodies decline with time and his has been bruttally sabotaged by five years of torture during his Hanoi Hilton stay not of his choice.

Not knowing how many houses you and your wife own is a problem and wake up call. The POW card can only be played when it comes to patriotic issues and not common personal issues of property you actually own, been to, jetted into, spent a week or more at over the course of your life.

McCain is not the same man he was just eight years ago when he ran against Bush. He just is not the Maverick that was there for the moderate voters, or for that matter all of the independent voters. In all of our gut, we can sense it, we know it, we just can't put our finger on it. Why does his own staff have to correct all the statements he makes out on the road? Why does his campaign staff have to issue apologies for comments he made? Why does his staff have to find out how many houses he or his wife actually own? Why can't John McCain answer or be clear on these simple questions?

McCains biggest problem is the fact that he has embraced the Bush agenda so much that I honestly believe that it snapped his core values that made him the American Maverick politician to begin with. An event like that could be life altering to ones mind and it is something to truly consider when you plant your vote in the McCain garden of deception created by his campaign.

Think about it, why does McCain have to go so negative to begin with? The answer is simple, he can't sell what he has to offer and his opponent has the better message. Bash the message of your opponent and you might just win.


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