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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Barack Obama’s Wealth is a Problem?

Why does the main stream media have a problem with an African American politician having wealth? Barack Obama and his wife have worked their asses off and in return they benefited from it monetarily. He and his wife are very highly educated people and with that knowledge behind them they both have outstanding careers and paychecks. With that paycheck they bought a home that suited their means. What is the problem with that?

Here in Massachusettes we saw the same bashing and questioning of Governor Deval Patrick’s personal wealth during his run for Governor. Governor Patrick and his wife are both highly educated people that benefited from their educations and they earned every single penny they made. Why does the main stream media look at their wealth and Obama’s as if they do not deserve it? It pisses me off!

Over at the Washington Post they have this article highlighting Obama’s wealth…

Political Stardom Profitable for Obama
The Associated Press
Saturday, September 29, 2007; 6:15 PM

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Barack Obama has two best-selling books, a nice salary as a senator and a wife with a handsome income. Earlier this year he reported assets of up to $1.14 million in addition to his Chicago home.

That's small change to some of his presidential rivals, but more than enough to create entanglements and controversies for Obama, a Democrat who has been positioning himself as a friend of the little guy on financial matters.
- Washington Post

Of all the political candidates running for President Barack Obama is amongst the poorest. With assets and personal investments over one million dollars he is in fact the poorest of the millionaires in the election of 2008. I for one envy his and his wife’s hard work to get where they are financially. By no means do I feel that they never earned it. Somehow the MSM tries to give you an impression that they did not earn it when looking at his financial status and that is wrong. You almost get the feeling that the MSM is shocked to see that an African American politician is doing so well!

Are we voting based on politicians personal wealth? Why don’t we look at how the candidates made their millions instead of what their net worth is? Better yet, let’s look at what is coming out of their campaigns for ideas to make a better America.

It just ticks me off when the MSM looks at an African American candidates wealth and then blurbs the means of other mega rich candidates as if their money is superior.

My personal advice to Barack Obama is to answer all questions regarding his families wealth is this. “We earned it! Next question?”.


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