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Thursday, May 01, 2008

They took steps to end violence and it’s a good thing

This post was borrowed, stolen, hi-jacked from I’m From Worcester with permission.

Last Sunday we went out to the "Taking Steps To End Violence Against Women And Children" awareness walk. This is an annual event held to raise awareness about the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault and to raise money to help Daybreak, The Rape Crisis Center and Girls Inc. in Worcester.

This is a link to some photos of the t-shirt display, above is the video we shot at the event. I spoke with Kim Dawkins, Executive Director of the Rape Crisis Center of Central Massachusetts. I also got some tape of Linda Cavaioli, Executive Director of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts.

The event had a pretty good turn out. I hope that my small contribution of blog posting and vlog will help them raise awareness and support so the next one is even bigger. Speaking of which; this is an annual event so be on the lookout in the spring. They need everyone out there - that means you too.

If you couldn't make it out to walk this year you can still help. These organizations need support year round. They need volunteers, supplies and money so they can keep helping women and children in crisis. Click on the URL's below to find out how you can get involved in a specific organization. Or, go to the Taking Steps web site for information about this event.

There are hotline numbers and URLs embedded in the video. If you know anyone who is being hurt please help them by getting those numbers and web sites to them.
URLs for more information about the organizations:

The Rape Crisis center of Central Massachusetts
YWCA of Central Massachusetts / Daybreak
Girls, Inc.

AND - I think that AK Consulting Services did a great job organizing the event. They did a good job of making an informative and family-friendly event. Despite the very sad reason for the event, it was a fun day.

So - if you missed it this year, get out there next year!

Ok, I'm done telling you what to do with your weekend now. Thanks for listening :-)

***My thanks to Claudia Snell for letting me post this here!***


Cross posted at Raising Kids in America

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Blogger Claudia Snell said...

Thank you for the cross-post! I am glad to share it. Papamoka is the best!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Claudia for letting me post it not just here but over at Raising Kids in America.

Personally, I have no tolerance for anyone that beats on woman and children. I'm the kind of person that would like to take the SOB's that do outside for a little talk and I'm sure many of my readers will agree with that statement. That may not go along with the end the violence topic but its just me being a Dad with five daughters.

It was a great piece and I thank you for letting little old me post it on my sites. I look forward to seeing many more unique reports from I'm From Worcester!

4:16 PM  

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