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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penn Primary Results - Part 3


Keith Olberman=KO
Chis Matthews=CM

To ealy to call but numbers are 65% Clinton - 35% Obama - 0% numbers in?

Speculation by Pat Buchanan, Rachel Maddow, David Gregory and panel on why Obama is weaker against Clinton and John McCain. Buchanan stating Obama needs a very close loss or the race is over for him against McCain. (I didn't know that McCain was in the Democrat primary)

CM - toss out the early numbers because we know as much now as we knew six weeks ago?

Harold Ford Jr. on questioning Clinton if she should stay in? She thinks that the numbers will show big for her and Bush and McCaine are too close when it comes to the economy. 70% disaproval rating for Bush.

Scarborough: Barack is to liberal and the most liberal member. Old line liberal. But Philly suburbs are huge in numbers, 300k in mass. Suburban Republican Mom's going for Obama over McCain in the fall.

Elderly voters breaking early for Clinton. Reagan Democrats but Obama gets the new voters in large numbers just as well. It will be ugly in the fall.

MSNBC PROJECTS WINNER - Tom Brokaw: Hillary Clinton 8:50PM with 3% of the vote counted and based on exit polls.

Raw vote: Clinton 55% Obama 45%

Clinton camp out of money
Fund raising a huge priority and they are hitting the phones tonight.

CM: The numbers could fluctuate by midnight

KO: Money is key for the survival of the Clinton camp

Most donors have already maxed out for Clinton - Andrea Mitchell

TOM B: Obama is having no problem raising money and Republican's are donating registering as first time Democrat's.

Latest numbers 8:56PM Clinton 53% Obama 47% 3% of the vote counted


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