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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penn Results Coverage part 2

CNN Coverage:

Nomination is still on trial

Paul Begala:

Bush hid DUI and that came out in the last days and that is what happened to Obama in PA

Donna Brazile:

Record turnout and Obama had some missteps and is fately wounded but Obama will not be defined by every relation in his life then so will McCain and Clinton. People care about the economy and the issues.

Alex Castellanos:

You know who wheres the pants in my family and that is the campaign Clinton is running.

Bill Bennett:

Very one sided and very Republican and one sided.

Hagee mentioned in comparison to Obama preacher problems


CNN is way over the edge and strictly on a John McCain swing fest and love fest.... Donna Brazille is the only objective voice. The panel was skewed with two many single sided thoughts and they all played to their candidates opinion. It was more of a discussion on why John McCain is better than anyone in the Democrat Primary.... Clicking back to MSNBC

No vote count 8:32PM


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