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Thursday, May 01, 2008

U.S. Military Barracks Squalor

I don’t have any children serving in the military but if I did I would be very proud of them. Parents can stand proud when telling a neighbor or a friend of the great service their child is offering our nation. What I am ashamed of is how we continuously have to find out from our sons and daughters is where the military is letting them down.

Wasn’t Walter Reed enough of an eye opener for the government to see that the American people will not tolerate our children serving in our military subjected to squalor and inhumane conditions. This isn’t about conditions in Iraq or Afghanistan, this same kind of treatment is happening at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Over at Yahoo News they have this on it…

AP Military Writer Tue Apr 29, 7:29 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Army officials said Tuesday they are inspecting every barracks building worldwide to see whether plumbing and other problems revealed at Fort Bragg, N.C., last week are widespread.

Brig. Gen. Dennis Rogers, who is responsible for maintaining barracks throughout the Army, told reporters at the Pentagon that most inspections were done last weekend but he had not seen final results.

Snip N Flush

Rogers said it was too soon to know whether the Fort Bragg problem was an isolated incident. He acknowledged the revelations from a video shot by the father of an 82nd Airborne Division soldier showing poor conditions such as mold inside the barracks, peeling interior paint and a bathroom drain plugged with sewage.

The soldier's father, Ed Frawley, said he was disgusted by the conditions that greeted his son and the rest of his 82nd Airborne unit that returned on April 7-8 after a 15-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

"We let our soldiers down, and that's not like us," Rogers told reporters. "We let our soldiers down. That's not how we want America's sons and daughters to live. There's no good excuse for what happened."
- Yahoo News

Below is the video from the father of the soldier. Or click here for the VIDEO. It runs about 8-9 minutes but worth viewing it all. To be honest with you, I’ve seen prisons in far better conditions…

Please write, email, phone or contact your representatives in the Congress and voice your anger. Our troops should not have to live in third world conditions while wearing our nations uniform on American soil! They have defended this nation and now it is our responsibility to defend them here at home and make our voices loud and clear that this kind of treatment and abuse will not be tolerated.

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