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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penn Primary Part 4

MSNBC 9:04

Clinton 52%
Obama 48%

Tim Russert:

Super delgates that Clinton needs to revive into her corner. Sense of history and who can carry the Electoral College.

Clinton needs to put the question mark over Obama, he can't win the Democrat campaign. Obama people thinking about the spin and they have more votes, more states, and more delegates still. It's mommentum. Hillary is on life support if she can not raise the money.

Terry McCauliff:

He's in the Clinton Tank. Hillary will move ahead in the popular vote. Voters trust Hillary Clinton and she is prepared to run this nation. She has proven she can win the states we need for the general election. 8 million Democrats still ready to vote and Hillary and the voters of PA pulled this one off. Delegates will still be close and who will be ready to take on McCain?

Clinton will speak in about one half hour to the folks.

54% Clinton 46% Obama 9:12PM 9% votes in

Questions raised on money or votes? Which one do you want as a voter in a candidate? The economy is driving this race.

Campaign Funding

Clinton: $9 million Debt: $10.3 million
Obama: $42 million Debt: $ 663,000

Update: 53% Clinton 47% Obama 12% votes in

Clinton nets 14 to 18 delegates

Clinton needs 251 delgates after May 6th to win or 70%-80% victories in delegates per contest from here on out.


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