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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Twin Towers Still Falling

Back in the days of World War II my Grandmother was elated that she had two sons that survived the war. Her son Richard was a Captain flying bombers over Nazi Germany and her son Edward was in the Navy serving in the Pacific. The war was finally over for her and soon her two boys would be home safe and sound. So she thought.

Her son Edward, while transferring from his ship to a launch boat to shore in San Francisco missed his footing and fell into the bay. She received the telegram that the Navy believed that he had drowned in San Francisco Bay. His body would not be recovered for a long time period after that initial telegram.

From my Grandmothers perspective there was always the possibility that he didn’t drown simply because there was no body to go with the Navy’s thoughts on what happened to her son. There was hope that only a mother could truly ever understand. Thinking about that it makes feel outright overwhelming sympathy for the many families still waiting for the official word or their loved ones remains to be identified from the 9/11 attacks. Over at MSNBC they have this interesting article from the Associated Press…

Remains of 4 more 9/11 victims identified
AP - Associated Press
updated 12:41 a.m. ET, Tues., April. 8, 2008

NEW YORK - The city has identified the remains of four more victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, including one man whose DNA was found beneath a service road that was initially paved over, officials said Monday.

Ronald Keith Milstein's remains were found beneath the road that was built to carry cleanup and construction trucks in and out of the World Trade Center site after the 2001 terrorist attacks, the city medical examiner's office said. Milstein of Queens was 54 when he was killed.

More than 400 human bone pieces have been recovered from beneath the road, which has become known as "Haul Road" because of the hauling of debris.


More than 1,800 of the 21,000 body parts recovered from ground zero have been found in the last two years in and around the trade center site. The remains of more than 40 percent of the 2,749 people killed at the site have yet to be identified. - MSNBC

Many people today have mistaken this tragedy as a political issue for our reasons to go to war or to end the war. What side of that argument you personally agree with bares no issue on this article. One simple fact remains and that is 1,100 people from this horrible day in 2001 have still not been identified. That is 1,100 families that don’t have closure on what really happened to their loved one. That is 1,100 families with thoughts in their mind that all start out with “What if…?

It’s understandable how remembering the terrorist attacks of 9/11 became a political issue and it’s also understandable how simple it is for those that call themselves politicians to use it for political gain. There is a very large difference between remembering those that were lost on 9/11 and using those that were lost on 9/11.

For the families of the victims of this horrible day in history, those towers are falling every single day. Until the last victim is identified, they will continue to fall.


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