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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary Looses a Big Endorsement in PA

I have to thank my friend for this post birth. With Hillary Clinton declaring that she would tear apart her own political if not nominated then this is indeed the time for all Democrats to own up. This is not the time for any elected official to sit on the sidelines and wait for a declared winner if they are true Democrats. If the party is worthy of the next Presidency then ALL politically elected Democrats need to get off of their hands and speak loud and clear. Is our party owned by Hillary Clinton and her husbands Hench men?

No matter how you look at what Hillary Clinton and her crew of fund raising thugs have promised it is a burn the party General W. T. Sherman theology for not towing the Clinton line. If that isn’t a tantrum by the Senator from New York then I don’t know what one is?

Over at the New York Times they have this on one Democrat fed up with her bullying tactics that has previously sworn to stay neutral…

In a surprise move, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania has endorsed Senator Barack Obama in advance of the April 22 Democratic primary. Mr. Casey had said he would remain neutral in the race in part because he wanted to help broker a reconciliation between Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton afterward.

“I believe in my heart that there is one person who’s uniquely qualified to lead us in that new direction and that is Barack Obama.” Mr. Casey said during a rally in Pittsburgh Friday.

“I really believe that in a time of danger around the world and in division here at home, Barack Obama can lead us, he can heal us, he can help rebuild America,” he said.
Mr. Casey is going against the grain in his state, where polls show Mrs. Clinton ahead by at least 12 percentage points and where she has the endorsement of most of the state’s major Democratic figures.


“For a long time, I was not only neutral, I was undecided an undecided voter,” Mr. Casey said at a news conference in the ornate Soldiers and Sailors Military Museum and Memorial in Pittsburgh.

But, having made his decision, he made clear he intended to throw not just his family name, but his political know-how into Mr. Obama’s effort. “I know a lot about campaigns and a lot about our state,” said Mr. Casey. “I think it’s very important that I make the decision public.”

He framed his support for Mr. Obama in terms of character, with a sideways glance at the increasingly acrimonious primary season. “A campaign can test someone; he’s been tested,” Mr. Casey said. “He’s appealed to the better angels of our nature under very difficult circumstances.”
- New York Times

If Hillary Clinton wants to tell all politicians that she wants a fight at the convention then that is more or less telling any true politician that she is the Queen. Her will be done… or else. For the most part, if I were a politician holding any seat in government I would look to the fact that he or she was elected by the people. And what the Senator from New York is suggesting is that she will be the next Democrat nominee for President with or without the popular vote and caucus results from each state. How does that actually work Senator Clinton?

That is the key question that reporters from ABC, CBS, Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC, New York Times, FOX, CNN and the Wall Street Journal should be asking. If Hillary Clinton is so sure that she will be the nominee regardless of the popular vote in each state then what back room deals are written in stone. You find that answer by investigating all of the obvious routes. Somewhere is the answer and knowing the Clinton family past it involves money and that is the just the beginning.

Democracy should be by the people and not some deal made by political favors and promises given if the Presidency is handed over as if passing a scepter. Our nation is not a Monarchy!

Somebody explain that fact to her Highness to be Queen Hillary Clinton!

The American people are not stupid. We know and see what she is doing and what she is doing is wrong. As much as she is complaining about the people of Michigan and Florida not having their say in a vote she is also telling the rest of the Democrat Party that she will be the nominee no matter how you voted in your state. Not only is she burning her party but she is burning the road to re-election as Senator from New York. Hopefully, she didn’t spend all of the money from her last book deal.


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