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Thursday, April 03, 2008

W "Let Them Eat Cake"

Maybe President Bush is right, the world is a far safer place today. Terrorist attacks on America are down, terrorist attacks in England are somewhat down, terrorism is on the run simply because they just can’t afford to eat. W has saved us from the terrorists by stealing the vitality of the global economy off of our dinner tables. Way to go W! I think?

One of the things that most U.S. Presidents prior to W knew was that there is no solution to the Middle East quagmire. It’s been going on for thousands of years and it will still be going on thousands of years from now. In our nations quest for being safe we have opened the gates of hell when it comes to economics. Those that we thought were out to protect and defend our nations history and heritage masqueraded around in sheep’s clothing while they robbed the world of the innocent little Red Riding Hood. Adding the Constitution to it helped. It’s just a piece of paper that some drunken Deity believing King haters dreamed up so what is the big deal?

We are not alone in the world. The butterfly effect is in full force except now the butterfly is the size of Saudi Arabia and it fears not to beat its wings regardless of the consequences on the masses. That is how the world economy collapses. More on this over at Reuters…

By Alistair Lyon, Special Correspondent

BEIRUT (Reuters) - While Gulf Arab oil producers reap windfall earnings, their poorer cousins elsewhere in the Arab world are struggling with soaring energy and food bills.
Inflation has surged in Gulf countries, fuelled partly by lavish spending of record oil and gas revenues. This is also spurring demand for everything from housing to power and water.

Gulf states with currencies pegged to the dollar have also been hit by the global weakness of the U.S. currency, which is driving inflation by making some imports more expensive.
But wrestling with rising prices is a grimmer business in Arab capitals not cushioned by oil wealth. From Cairo in Egypt to Sanaa in Yemen, mostly authoritarian governments have to weigh the fiscal costs of subsidizing fuel and food against the explosive political risks of social discontent.

"Nothing's inexpensive any more," griped Jihad al-Amin, who owns a dry-cleaning store in Damascus, Syria. "Even parsley, which has been dirt cheap for as long as I can remember, has tripled."

Food price rises hit the poor hardest in the Middle East, as in other food-importing developing countries around the world, but any instability here could ripple far beyond the region.
- Reuters

Maybe we should face the facts that Bush is right? If you give enough free rain on the market and trust the mega capitalist to trickle down the wealth then maybe those of us down on the bottom might get something. The key word in that last sentence was something. Exhaust fumes from a passing motorcade is something so stop your gripping.

It isn’t wrong to think that America may be on the verge of a coming revolution. Just as in the time period prior to the first American Revolution there was a King that imposed one tax after another that people stood up to and had said taxes repealed. Although we no longer have a King we have a President ignorant of his peoples needs, wishes and dreams. That is not acceptable.

If given the choice of thought processes I don’t think it is a far reach that the current President is no longer in charge of his nation. He has deregulated his authority as President to the brokers of business on Wall Street and sold out the office he swore to uphold. While he sat idle while millions lost there homes he staid the course. While his nations food prices erupted out of control, he staid the course. While our nations military begged for better equipment to defend themselves and fight with he staid the course. While his people went under he sipped his drink and looked the other way because those that lead him detracted him from his people.

George Bush is guilty of ignoring his people and God help anyone that dares to follow in his footsteps. That path is laid with madness and betrayal of your people. Patriotism and starvation are something that American’s are not afraid of but they will fight and vote for one or the other, not both. George Bush has played his game out and divided his people so much that they are against one another fighting over being a patriot or starving. Meanwhile the record Billion Dollar profits are being talked about as if it is business as usual. That is how Revolutions start! You don’t flash mega bonuses to a man that’s family is broken, busted, down and out and can barely afford the weeks food bill. It all comes down to the masses and providing for their families. That is what W will never understand.

One thing is certain in the next President of the United States of America. You will have a broken nation to mend and that process does not start out thousands of miles from our shores. It starts out here at home. Americans do not just eat cake!


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Blogger Just Wondering said...

Welcome back.

9:10 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Food prices have skyrocketed as everything else goes up due to gasoline prices for the trucking industry. Barack Obama said on TV that he met a man who said he couldn't look for a job, because he couldn't afford gasoline for his car. We should have tackled alternative energy sources when the OPEC cartel put the squeeze on us 30 years ago. We got caught with our britches down, didn't we? It's going to take a miracle to turn this country around, so pray for a miracle.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks JW!!


I don't think the Bush clan cares what food prices really are. In the same respect they don't care about the little people of this country. They follow the money and the money brokers tell them where to sit.

On gasoline prices, I was reading an interesting piece on what all of these start up bio fuel companies are doing and the research is simply amazing.

Popular Science has a great article on organism they are creating at Amyris Biotechnologies in Emeryville, CA that they are able to tweak to basically creat fuel from the cheapest sugarcane at outrageous amounts compared to anything ethanol can touch. And it doesn't rot the pipelines to get to the market! They think they will have a bio diesel within two to three years and they are already working on jet fuel and simple go go juice for our Chevy's.

Just one start up of many needed to tell the oil companies to go pound sand!!!

7:39 PM  

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