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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Campaign Speech Writers Secret

One of the key things to any potential political candidate for President is a group of damn good speech writers. In every speech written is a message that you want to convey and apparently the Clinton campaign has a bunch of chimpanzees wildly typing and hoping that eventually War and Peace will come out. Hillary Clinton is in the mud flinging stage of politics and Barack Obama is if not far behind, catching up with her. Somewhere in the dust are the speech writers typing away with weeks ago news. Fire them ALL! Either the speech writers do not get it or the candidates do not get it. Either way, fire the speech writers. One can not blame the candidate for being wrong if the speech writers do not have a pulse on what is actually happening.

One word… BUSH! One of the idiotic and yet genius tactics of Bush/Rove campaigns was repeating the same message over and over again and neither of the Democrat candidates have clued into this fact. Other than “Change” for Barack which is working out fairly well and I have 35 years of experience from Hillary which is not working out so well there is a problem. Both candidates campaigns do not have a clue how to win this race with a knock out punch.

Don’t tell anyone other than the fact that you read it hear first at Papamoka Straight Talk about what you are about to read. This is top secret information from real people in the know on everything political. Pinky swear and spit on your palm and shake your mouse. Do it or you can not read any further into this post. I mean it! I have access to chain emails that will make your cats tail fall off and your dog will pee on every piece of furniture you own. Do it!

That was gross if you actually did it but I digress. The key to both candidates is not attacking one another but attacking the other guy running for President in the Republican Party. Shhhh! Close the door and pull the shades. John McCain is who they should both be going after and pointing out the differences between them both. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two close to call opponents in this election and the only one that will actually win the race is the one that delivers the message against McCain best. Slinging mud against one another is like putting a bullet through your engine because the oil filter needs replacing. The horse power is dead but so is your transportation to work.

At this point in the political primary the differences of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton comes down to a popularity contest no matter what issue they are discussing. As a voter and a Democrat I’m good with either one. That is the dilemma and why they should be attacking not what they each stand for but what the Emperor in Chief part TWO John McCain does not stand for.

Both the Clinton and Obama campaign are welcome to contact the political writers of this site if they want a real speech written for them. We will provide the rough draft and how your handlers screw it up after that and let you deliver it is up to you. End result is that McCain is the target. Mike Jones, JW and myself Papamoka, have reasonable common sense rates. We see things as bloggers from a vast and different perspective from the outside that the candidates do not hear or are informed of inside the campaign.

Standard Disclaimer: Rates for candidates in parties not in our favor are adjusted upwards for adverse future social and economic consequences to the middle class and the poor. Be aware if you read political blogs that this may change your opinion on any candidate. Please see your medical doctor if you have the following conditions prone to Republican tactics…


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Blogger B.J. said...

BINGO! I’m available to write speeches. Area of expertise: total distrust of John McCain. Experience (that ugly word): training monkeys (aka journalism school grads) to compose simple sentences. Will work for food, LOL.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Now we have four rock star speech writers!!! LOL BJ... ;)

This of course will increas our fees to not just food but snacks too! You hot ticket BJ!!! LOL!

7:22 PM  

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