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Friday, February 22, 2008

Get Real Obama?

Politics in Washington D.C. is more about smoke and mirrors rather than just telling you yes or no in any given question that deserves a yes or no answer. Having watched many of the debates it is interesting to see many of the candidates on both sides of the Presidential race dodge, weave and outright not answer the questions asked of them.

It’s not often that you catch a politician just as confused as the rest of us when questions are asked and he answers as honestly as he can with the truth. Sometimes the art of politics is just being real and answering the questions truthfully.

Barack Obama is one of the few politicians in this race that will respond to a question directly. You may not like the answer but it is a direct answer with honest and sincere facts to back it up. Sometimes when you do that you get burned and can joke about it later…

I’m backing Obama for President simply because he seems like the kind of guy that would help a neighbor out. He seems more like us in the middle and lower class even though he is technically a millionaire. He seems like someone that you would enjoy watching a football game with in your living room on a lazy Sunday afternoon. He just seems more real than the alternative in the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.


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