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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Catch the Biden Wave

While Hillary and Barack think they have the lead tied in Iowa they are forgetting that the real substance of this election is stepping around their brow beating to get the folks attention. While catch phrases sound great on a commercial they really do not work when you actually talk to the people of Iowa. Studied answers to the obvious questions might make a candidate sound knowledgeable but it’s the 101st question that starts them to stuttering. That will eventually lead to the question never being answered because a twenty three year old staffer never thought of it.

Joe Biden is running for President because he does have the answers we as a nation need to hear. Sometimes the truth is better than total avoidance to our national dilemmas. As much as the main stream media would like you to believe that this election is a popularity contest or beauty pageant it is not that at all. America has some serious problems that have been growing for almost eight years now and pretending they do not exist will not fix the need to have them all rectified as soon as possible. Having a political candidate that can and has worked across party lines on the most difficult issues our nation has faced is what substance is all about. Joe Biden has shown that ability time and time again. There is a reason why the name Biden and McCain are linked on many hot political issues. They both have had the political guts to tackle them head on and work together to try and resolve them.

With that being said, Biden is pulling out of the ranks of non contenders and I’m sure he will pull close to second or even first in Iowa simply because he tells the truth. Iowans are big on the truth. Joe is full of it and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Real life is not television and our nations government is not Hollywood. Hillary and Barack Obama may be able to bombard the airwaves for canned reasons to vote for them but Biden still speaks the truth every single day. Over at the Washington Post they have this little linked to article on Joe Biden…

Biden Pushes for 3rd in Iowa Caucuses
The Associated Press
Friday, December 21, 2007; 5:02 PM

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Joe Biden's aides call it "Mo-Joe" _ a last-minute surge of momentum and good luck they hope could power the Delaware senator into a better-than-expected showing in Iowa's leadoff caucuses.

"There's a fingertip instinct that tells me something is going on. I feel like I'm still in the game," Biden said in a telephone interview as he traveled to a campaign event in Cedar Rapids.

Aides acknowledge it remains an uphill trudge for Biden, a Democrat whose distinguished 35-year Senate career has been eclipsed by the star power of rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

But with all eyes on those two candidates and former Sen. John Edwards as they compete for the lead in Iowa, Biden is on a high-energy sprint across the state hoping to catch on with enough voters to make a difference.
- Washington Post

One of the things that I admire about Joe Biden is that he does not have to reinvent himself to make you want to vote for him. In one breath he can explain what we as a nation should be doing about foreign policy and in the next breath what we need to do about our growing energy needs. Skip a breath and he can tell us what our immigration policy should be and how we can fix the 12 to 16 million illegal aliens in our midst. Fast forward and he can talk monetary policy or rebuilding our nations crippled infrastructure. Miss a breath and he can tell us what realistically needs to be done to fix our nations education system. Take a deeper breath and he can recite from memory historical events that are relevant to our quagmire in Iraq. Only Joe Biden has an in depth plan to get us out from under Iraq that is realistic. At no time is he forsaking our military or our nations flag to do it either.

You may ask how Joe Biden can do all of this with full experience and not blink and eye or say “ummm?” when put on the hot seat for the hot questions. Simple answer to that is his many years of experience in the Senate trying to fix our nations problems. Even with overwhelming odds he has crossed party lines for the greater good without care for public opinion when he thought it was the right thing to do. Joe Biden lives for this nation because he is not a Wall Street bought and paid for candidate. He is obligated to none. His integrity is unquestionable. Can the other candidates from all political parties state that as a fact?

That all being said, voting for the truth when the primary elections hit my state comes down to experience and getting over the negligence of the past eight years. Moderate Liberals and Conservatives prefer real substance over a manipulated campaign based on what we need to hear. We just might have had enough of window dressing and canned responses from all of the political candidates from both sides of the race. Thus, Joe Biden is the moderate answer to both political parties and the chance for a change in the status quo. On both sides of the political aisle there is far to much rhetoric and excuses that point across the aisle. Maybe we just need a President that simply tells the truth to his people and is beholding to not one person other than you and I. Would that not be a total change in current politics or what?

I have faith in Iowans that they will know who is realistic and who is passing the buck on what our nation really needs. It does not take a political genius to see who the ones that are selling sound bites and who is just talking the truth. Joe Biden will be sipping a cup of coffee down at the corner luncheon with real Iowans while the rock star political rallies are happening over at the Clinton and Obama scheduled ticketed stops. Politics in America is not always about who has the most money to spend but whom has the most substance. Iowa is the proving ground for this election and I trust the people of Iowa. Joe does too.

Let me leave you with just this video from Joe and his heart about his dedication to this nation, ruled under God, ruled under men.

Courtesy of Bright Cove

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden will be #1 in Iowa. MARK MY WORDS!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm hoping so my friend! He has more potential than all the rest running combined.

Joe is right!

7:46 PM  

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