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Monday, December 17, 2007

Des Moines Register Sold Out…

If I were an Iowan I would put the Des Moines Register for Hillary Clinton up there with wrapping fish with the pages it is was written on. For that matter so goes the endorsement of McCain. Let’s just say that they are skewed to follow the money and leave it at that. Second tier or third tier candidates did not spend enough money to get the endorsement with the paper. And they wonder why people read blogs like this one for political opinion. We blog for the truth and not the almighty dollar and that is where endorsements like this one come from. Some editor or accountant is looking at the bottom line and money talks over real substance.

You can not talk about true leadership and experience and not even mention Senator Joe Biden. You can not mention working across party politics and not include Joe Biden. You can however have a ton of checks from the Clinton campaign that you might just be obligated too endorse. Don’t even follow the money, follow the style of the sponsored debates.

The Des Moines Register's editorial board has endorsed Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Iowa caucuses.

The Register, Iowa's statewide newspaper, said McCain, who represents Arizona, and Clinton, who represents New York, have two essential two qualities — competence and "readiness to lead."

In endorsing McCain, who tied for fifth in the Register's November poll of likely caucus-goers, the editorial board wrote Saturday night:

"Time after time, McCain has stuck to his beliefs in the face of opposition from other elected leaders and the public... A year ago, in the face of growing criticism, he staunchly supported President Bush's decision to increase troop strength in Iraq... He knows war, something we believe would make him reluctant to start one. He's also a fierce defender of civil liberties. As a survivor of torture, he has stood resolutely against it. He pledges to start rebuilding America's image abroad."

The Register's endorsement of Clinton comes as polls show she has slipped behind Sen. Barack Obama in Iowa.

Even former President Clinton has no clue how to get us out of Iraq and his wife Hillary is flipping and flopping on what the latest political polls are offering. Joe Biden is not. We do not need flip floppers on any issue and when it comes to our military we need a realistic plan to get the hell out of Baghdad!

I’m amazed that the children and grandchildren of the Vietnam War are backing any of the front runners knowing the sacrifices that were made to just get out of Vietnam. We shamed our Veterans, people spat on them for just doing their duty. It took thirty plus years for our nation to recognize them as a true American hero. John McCain is two elections away from his time in the sun. Yes, I respect him for his service to our nation during the war and all of his time in public service. I just don’t get his anger when confronted on the serious issues our nation must face. That is where the Des Moines Register lost their credibility. In the same respects, Hillary Clinton has no clue as to what real life is all about having lived in the bubble of her husband the former President. She has no ability to talk one on one with an Iowan if there is not ten dozen cameras present to record it and sell it. Joe Biden does not even need one camera present to talk to the people. His message is consistent and believable.

Real issues are facing this nation and we do not need the biggest check cashed to be our nations next leader. We need someone that can deal with foreign policy in one heart beat and someone that can deal with a Teamsters strike in the next. We need someone that believes in all Americans first. Not just the folks that donate and contribute at the King and Queens court for the highest office in our land.

A friend of mine spoke of Irish funerals and how that was the only time to praise them for all they had done in life. It didn’t matter if you were the worst monster in the clan. I choose to defend and support Joe Biden not because his epitaph would look great on a head stone but I believe his experience and vision is far better than anyone from both political parties.

Hillary Clinton does not deserve the White House and neither does John McCain. One is running on the latest polls to get votes and the other is forgetting who he was two elections past that made him a true hero. The Des Moines Registers endorsement has failed the people but that is just my political opinion. Vote realistically and vote for Senator Joseph Biden for President in 2008. Common sense is what it is all about and not the money spent by any candidate.

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Blogger Just Wondering said...

Keep up the good fight for Joe, Papamoka. I am, as you know, in your corner. Who knows? The actual ... whaddayacallem ... voters in this country might just surprise the so-called experts.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm trying my best JW. He emails me every single day though...I need your help with this Papamoka, I need your help with that Papamoka... lol!

5:05 PM  

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