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Tuesday, December 18, 2007




Currently it is a real chore following the numerous candidates for the presidency. The process doesn't bore me so much as frustrate. To me, there is this treadmill of red herrings that citizens are supposed to chase after. Doing so facilitates the basic dishonesty of the process, enabling the triumph of the same sort of corporate-composite persona to sit in the Oval Office.

Recently I struggled through a book, THE LATE GREAT U.S.A. by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. The book deals with the quiet but persistent effort to unite Mexico, The United States, and Canada into a North American Union. Even if a fraction of the book's contents approach the truth, it is an alarming thing to learn that your nation is being co-opted into a foreign alliance/assimilation without the people knowing about it.

The one criticism Dr. Corsi is open to is that, after being instrumental in the re-election of George W. Bush through his efforts in the Swiftboat smearing of John Kerry, he has awoken a little late. But, better late than never I suppose.

The plausibility of Dr. Corsi's allegations is increased by the fact that much of what the book says explains some rather bizarre things. One, NAFTA is STILL being touted as a great success yet we are dealing with millions of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. looking for work. Secondly, President Bush's rather distant and blurred response to the border issue fits into the scenario outlined by Dr. Corsi.

NAFTA was, as it turns out, the "thin end of the wedge." It was not just a trade agreement, but a tool to further advance the eventual integration of 3 nations into one. Corsi compares the effort to the formation of the European Economic Union, and frankly it's hard to argue his point.

President Bush has done practically nothing to seal the border, which is nonsensical in light of the 9/11 attacks. However, it DOES make sense if you are just biding your time until a fait accompli is presented to the people of the 3 respective nations that the new borders are with Guatamala and....the Arctic Circle.

Those reading this will not live to see the full impact of George W. Bush's acts. The end result of a "North American Union" will be the disintegration of the United States. From time to time small glimpses surface. Recently a rapist/murderer in Texas cried foul on his prison sentence because he did not have access to the Mexican Consulate because belatedly he discovered he was born in Mexico. The uncanny aspect of this is when the Bush White House started issuing instructions to the Texas courts on how to handle the case.

Of course, a president accustomed to issuing orders to Congress doesn't have much of a problem issuing orders to a court.....and remember ANY court if he deems it necessary.

After a while, you have to stop listening to what some people say and concentrate on what they DO. George W. Bush has been an utter failure in many things, but not adhering to the faith in a constitutional American government is his greatest. President Bush has been riding his bike blind-folded through the minefield of misjudment. He always has someone to bail him out. But WE do not. We must live with the consequences of a president's actions. It helps if the president is at least OPEN and HONEST with the American people. But apparently honesty with the American people takes a back seat to maintaining and strengthening the bond between government and multi-national corporations.

A North American Union will not be announced at one particular event. It will be achieved through stealth, a little agreement here; a little agreement there, with the Congress being given little or NO notice.

Jame Buchanan is sometimes credited with being the worst president we have ever had. This is mainly due to the fact that he did practically nothing to prevent the Civil War. The Civil War was about many things, but mainly this: what type of nation are we going to be? Two opposing views of life and government came to blows that devastated the nation, but made the decision through armed struggle.

It would be naive to assume that what happened 150 years ago would never come to pass again. It will. By his policies President Bush is planting the seeds for a horrific harvest. The end result will be a struggle for what kind of nation we will remain, or become.

So whoever succeeds President Bush must "address the mess." Most issues are macro in scale compared to the actual life of this nation. But, that is not going to be discussed nor addressed. We will be reassured that "change" is coming.

Yeah, sure. In this sense I am quite conservative. I don't WANT the kind of change I see coming. A voice in the wilderness, perhaps, but a common currency, a common central bank, a "council of ministers" who will decide what laws and regulations are to be created and I don't want that.

It seems to me sad that a nation born in fire, in rebellion of a government thousands of miles away, should be devolving back to a collection of corporate colonies.

We need another George 1, not another George 43.
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