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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Friend Needs Your Help

Not everyone in America has a great job or the best lot in life and this time of year we need to reach out and touch a life. By no means am I affluent but my five daughters sleep in a home with heat and blankets that keep the chill off when the temperature dips. They never have to worry about wearing three sets of pajamas when going to bed or for that matter if I could get them to wear the pajamas in the first place. Little ones will be little ones.

As a blogger I have had the blessings to meet many creative writers and frankly artists when it comes to the written word. Not everyone can put a point of view into a coherent sentence and leave the reader thinking. My online friend Chell can do just that and it amazes me to no end. With that being said, she is in dire need. You can help her.

We all know the pains of trying to keep the house warm during the winter and folks in the northern part of our nation know that fact is very costly this time of year. For some folks a simple wood stove could heat their entire home and the kids would sleep like they should. That is what my friend is trying to do but in the mean time they are doing without conventional heat. I personally want to beg you to help this family. My voice on the net is not big but I have touched many of my readers with my work, Chell does the same thing with her readers.

This is a plea to offer assistance and help to just one family this winter. Like many of you I don’t have a ton of excess cash lying around but this family needs our help. I donated ten bucks. Can you spare five or even two bucks. Chell is good people, her heart and soul is gold when it comes to her writing works that she puts out there for all to read. No she is not of the conventional perspective but I never judge a good book by the cover. That is what her blog is all about.

Please donate what you can to help this family. Please visit Chell’s Roost and donate what you can. She has swallowed her pride asking for help and I can not see it in my heart not to try and help her and her family to get heat into their home.

Note to Chell: I’m not going to apologize Chell for putting this post up so shut the hell up. I only hope it helps.

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Bloggers helping out...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Papamoka, when I put that box on my site, I really didn't expect it to change our situation much, if at all. Then you helped us out, and you went through all this trouble. And others have helped. The fact that there is such caring has had me in tears, happy ones, more than once. Along with the good this has done for our family's hearts, you really have made that chimney not such a distant glimmer of a dream it was even yesterday. It's going to happen. I feel that my family is much safer now, because of this. Because of you, who have helped. Thank you.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Thanks are not needed. You are a blog friend that needed help. I'm just glad that all of my other blogging friends and readers could offer their help in any way that they could.

People, ya have to love em'. Keep warm Chell and build that chimney!

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Michael Linn Jones said...

That's CHIMNLEY!! Don't you Yankees ever learn the right way of saying things? Like GW says, "childrens do learn" and so can you. :)

Seriously, hope everything comes together and y'all's family have a very warm and wonderful Christmas.

9:11 PM  

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