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Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove Finally Leaves in Disgrace

Picture courtesy of the White House

While some people on the right side of the political spectrum will call Karl Rove a saint for his party he is in fact a political disgrace to his President and the Republican Party. Karl Rove was nothing but a bully on the political radar and if you got in his way, either being wrong or right, he would plow through you like a farmer turns the soil every spring. His message was the President’s message and screw you if you thought otherwise.

While he served this President he screwed over his political party for a generation or more because of the isolationist ideology attitude he convinced the President to follow. “You are either with us or against us.” That statement is not by any means the way America was meant to be. That is not by any means the way the founding fathers or past President’s ruled the nation by. Could you picture Jefferson or either Roosevelt’s stating that as a fact to the world? Could you picture Lincoln saying that while he struggled to save the Union and died believing that it could still be saved.

Karl Rove’s only contribution to this country is that he dissolved a once great nation of proud Americans into a nation of “With us or against us” mentality. That is all he did. Sorry to say but he was very successful in doing just that. In his accomplishment he brought the President of the United States down with him. Truman would have been cheered knowing his approval rating was that high in comparison to President Bush.

Division in politics will always be a fact of life in America but Karl Rove raised it to a level that no other President has accepted as a rule to govern by. Karl Rove was this President’s political strategist and with that comes the blame for two separate America’s. That fact is all over the politics of the coming election for President in 2008.


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