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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bush adds Rove to Untouchables List

Well it looks like lady justice took her blinder off and wiped her back side with it. At least that is the way President Bush interprets executive privilege. Ummm, Houston we have a serious problem here.

Karl Rove has a note from his mom… I mean the President to not appear before the Congressional investigation of the dirty dealings and firing of the nine U.S. Attorneys.

Karl Rove's Immunity

By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Thursday, August 2, 2007; 1:24 PM

The presidential aide who acts with such impunity now has the ultimate protection: absolute immunity from congressional oversight, at least in the judgment of White House Counsel Fred Fielding.

White House political mastermind Karl Rove had been subpoenaed to testify this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of the investigation into last year's still-unexplained firings of nine U.S. attorneys.

No one actually expected Rove to show up. But Fielding's assertion of executive privilege yesterday to block his testimony was nevertheless surprising in its breadth.

From Fielding's letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy: "Based upon the advice of the Department of Justice, the President . . . has requested that I advise and inform you that Mr. Rove, as an immediate presidential advisor, is immune from compelled congressional testimony about matters that arose during his tenure and that relate to his official duties in that capacity. Accordingly, Mr. Rove is not required to appear in response to the Judiciary Committee subpoena to testify about such matters, and he has been directed not to appear."
- Washington Post

I’m guessing that Karl Rove could steal candy from a baby and the President would insert executive privilege to save his sorry ass. This is just so wrong it simply is not even funny… unless you are Karl Rove. Bush is tossing executive privilege around like snow flakes in a blizzard. For the record, the postal worker delivering mail to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is now covered in executive privilege stamps. Just in case good old Karl happened to have his unmentionable magazine subscriptions mailed to his place of work.

Just an after thought to all of these proceedings is that the Congress is doing nothing to stop the President from tossing the very simplistic vagueness of executive privilege around like a tennis ball at the US Open. I know Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the (politically correct terminology for male reproductive genitals) to take on President Bush but Harry Reid damn well does! What are they waiting for? Is the President supposed to tell them its okay to insert the powers of the other two houses of our government?

Something is not right with this big picture and if the Democrats are not willing to go after the President and his Soprano crew then maybe the true Republicans have too. What does it take to make the government work as it was designed to do so when situations like the alleged criminal actions of this administration happen. Didn’t they all swear to defend the Constitution or was that just a common oath or phrase like “pass the salt”? So much for upholding the Constitution. Maybe one of them huge paper companies could recycle it so the President could use it in his executive privilege bathroom.

One thing is sure in all of this is that President Bush has set a very dangerous precedent. Future Presidents will look back to these days and think they are Kings or Queens. As we all know now, the crowns court is without guilt even if you had a video tape showing that the law was clearly broken. Our King and his court do not live by the laws they sign for the rest of us. It is what it is.

So how many book deals do you think Karl Rove will get out of this Presidency? Just something to make you go Hmmm?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering when there will be enough outrage in the very broad community to put an end to this nonsense. These crooks don't even try to hide the fact that they're crooks. What they're hiding are the fine points that can bring consequences.

Hmm.. I can't see any UFO landing strip here. Did you cleverly hide it? Thank you for a smile when I really needed one.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm hoping all this barely walking the line of right and wrong will be over come the next President.

As for the UFO landing strip... Umm that was our little secret but its right there ... Gubment Interuption of Comment>>>>>>>>>

I'm glad it brought a smile to ya and I hope you find many more my friend. I'm looking forward to visiting your site often. I highly recommend it to all my readers and friends.

5:41 PM  

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