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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Politics from Red State Perspective

Picture courtesy of the United States Government
I’m not sure if I could ever understand the mentality of the ever popular Red State blog? I like to see what other people are thinking and I honestly like to see what people that don’t think like I do have to say. This is America after all and voices in politics come from every direction.

For the most part I understand what a Conservative is and what they stand for. Less government, less waste, and less spending. What I’m not sure of is if you can be a Democrat with Conservative thoughts and Liberal thoughts? I’m not sure if Red State allows thoughts like that.

Red State has a post on a phone conversation with Congressman Roy Blunt of Missouri and I found it interesting just how splintered our nations government really is.

I asked Congressman Blunt how they were holding up in minority, how the party was doing for unity. He told me that being in the majority was better, but he wasn't thinking only in terms of his job. It was better for the country when the Republicans were in charge, he explained, because we were safe from the reckless nature of the Democrats: taxes, regulation, and spending. But the GOP minority are learning from being in the minority.


The Democrats are the party of defeat, the Congressman told me. Listening to Jim Clyburn, their number three guy, talk, the Democrats have banked everything on defeat. In order for the Democrats to be successful, the mission must fail. That's a tough position to find yourself in, he observed.
- Red State

Now you have to read the whole piece to get the gist of it. I summed it up as Democrats are losers, defeatist, and Bush still has the veto pen. Is that our government at work? If it is then we need to toss in the towel and send them all home. Payroll will forward the fat checks to the address on file.

This is what is wrong with this picture… While everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs whom is more right (Correct) politically, the American people are not being served. Is our form of government broken where as it can not operate to pass the peoples business? Is the central line of thought to stick to your guns no matter what is at stake more important than serving the peoples will?

In the last election the people voted and the Republican majority was barely cast aside for reasons that anyone could insert here. I’m wondering if the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are able to walk across the isle to talk to a Republican to get the peoples business done. Congressional Representatives are elected to serve the people and not their own personal ideology.

It seems to me that over the last couple of decades the people have been put on a back burner while special interests have taken the front burner. All you have to do to see that that fact is true is read the damn paper or any online news source to see who is being subpoenaed today. It does not matter what letter you put at the front or back of the elected leaders name, what matters is that corruption or walking as close to that line is almost expected in our nations capitol.

America has a serious problem and we all know that. How we fix it is the next question. I’m leaning more towards the Democrats in the next election because they have less members under investigation for corruption while serving in our government. Is that a twisted reason for voting or what?

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