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Monday, August 06, 2007

Grocery Shopping Rip Off!

This is an investigative post from a grocery / supermarket shopping Dad's perspective. This is also an alert to consumers that buy food... Umm, that would be just about everyone. I've noticed lately at my local Stop & Shop, and at other grocery stores that the bulk buys are not cheaper. Buying the pre-packaged bulk item is now more expensive then buying the single items on many products.

Just an example, Kraft Mac and Cheese was .99 for the single box but the bulk item with five was $5.29? Tuna, the single cans were cheaper than the pre packaged four pack. This list goes on and you have to actually look for it. My twelve year old pointed out to me that we could buy two boxes of cereal and it was cheaper than buying the mega box per pound. She did the math in her head based on the cost per pound or 100 count. It gets worse. Once a twelve year old spots a wrong her mind will find ten or more wrongs. Kellogg Pop Tarts are cheaper if you buy several of the small boxes than the larger so called Family packs.

I've always been a smart shopper but my twelve year old opened my eyes as she pointed out one item after another that was a rip off in bulk form in the same store. We shop at Price Rite now and then and found this practice rampant throughout the store. Don't get me wrong, Price Rite is a very family friendly store to shop at but you have to look and compare the prices for the same items in larger quantities.

This is a Papamoka consumer alert. Keep your eyes peeled to those tags on the shelf that list the cost per pound or 100 count and do the math in your head. Hell, there are no laws against bringing a calculator or a twelve year old to the store with you.

I just happen to have one smart twelve year old. I'll ask her if she will go shopping with you.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been the case with more and more goods here too. I shop Cub foods. They generally have good prices and are a clean, well-run store. But most stores and suppliers have shady practices that'll get them some extra change here and there (it really adds up). My absolute favorite (not!)... putting non-sale items in with same-brand sale items.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

In some nations around the world we could cut thier tongues out for lying like that. I'd prefer to give them one thousand coupon paper cuts on the tongue though.

Let's here them ask us "maper or mastitch" then?

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Michael Linn Jones said...

Aside from the fact that my local Wallyworld now resembles a Soviet department store than anything like a free market entity, I've also noticed that when something is available (for many shelves lay bare for weeks...."we've switched warehouses again comrade" is what I usually hear.

But when I DO find something I'm looking for I've noticed the economy of scale is not there. It's good marketing, but sneaky in that the store is profiting upon the consumers assumption that bigger is cheaper by volume, etc.

Mat...we've got a 15 year old, but he won't be speaking decipherable English for another few years ("uh huh, I guess, maybe, whatever, yo, etc") we may have to borrow a couple of the kids!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Give me your address and I'll mail three or four of the girls off to ya Mike...LOL! How many stamps does it take to mail a seventeen year old? I can do the math for the other kids. Better question is how the hell am I going to get them in the letter shoot? ROFLMAO

6:28 PM  

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