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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Governor Patrick Campaign Returns Donor Dollars

I’m just setting the record straight for all the nimrod maroons (stolen from old cartoons) that believe Governor Deval Patrick is a crook. YOUR WRONG! While all the media in Boston and for that matter across the state is looking to nail Governor Patrick to the cross for sins pretty much expected of other politicians, he is not the type of man or leader that would accept a donation to his campaign if it was even remotely illegal.

Every single problem associated with this current Governor has been immediately addressed by this Governor and maybe that is what people do not expect from their government. Honesty! How damn refreshing is that?

Take any issue that the press has tossed the mud at regarding Governor Deval Patrick and he has either admitted that he did not know that it was wrong and paid for it himself to make amends or put the record straight as to why he has governed as he has chosen to do so. To put it simply, you can’t keep an honest man down. This pisses off millionaire Republicans from Wellesley and Sudbury but there are people in this state west of Route 128 and 495 that also have the same Governor.

Over at the Boston Herald they had this to say about the latest mud that was supposed to stick to the wall and make Governor Patrick look like just another political hack…

Gov to refund $52G in campaign cash: Review: Donations exceeded limit
By Dave Wedge

Boston Herald Chief Enterprise Reporter
Saturday, August 11, 2007

Patrick’s campaign sent a letter to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance yesterday revealing the results of an internal review that found 169 donors had given more than the maximum $500 contribution allowed by state law.


Patrick campaign director Liz Morningstar said the $51,941 in excess contributions stemmed from “duplicate records, variations in contributor name, address changes, bookkeeping errors and uncashed refund checks.” In her letter to OCPF, she said refunds already are under way.

State Republican Party director Brian Dodge lashed out at the Patrick campaign, saying the mistakes resulted in a “fraudulent interest-free loan that padded the governor’s campaign coffers.”


Patrick campaign spokesman Steve Crawford fired back: “I seriously doubt that anybody believes that a few bookkeeping mistakes are what resulted in the governor’s victory last year.” - Boston Herald

If you do the math as far as running for Governor of this state is concerned then the percentage points are so insignificant that mathematically it is not counted. And yet the Governors office reported it on their own and is returning the funds. They could have lied or hid it but they did not. They could have just overlooked it as an insignificant amount of money and donated the money to charity but they did not. Nope, they are returning the funds to the campaign contributors.

What the article omitted was the amount that the Deval Patrick for Governor campaign raised in total dollars. The Boston Herald also omitted how many individual contributors there were to the Governors campaign fund. Facts are easy to forget when you write a soft slam against an easy target like Governor Patrick. It just goes to show that you can print whatever you want in the paper and you never have to defend it as the writer.

Governor Patrick will have to waste his time defending himself though and what purpose does that serve the people that elected him? I’m finding that the Boston Herald is leaning more towards the Fox News network standards that the owner of the paper finds more to his liking. Rather than reporting the news they are setting the news topic and facts.

I have no dog in this fight. I did not contribute to any Governor campaign or have any association with Governor Deval Patrick. My only association with our current Governor is that I voted for him and his message to the people of Massachusetts when he ran for Governor. I still believe in him but the media you read will try to bring him down with all kinds of glorious headlines that mean nothing when it comes right down to the facts. Omission of the facts sells papers but real facts are everywhere around you.

Governor Patrick is on the air once per month on 96.9 FM radio in Boston and he takes calls from the people. He does not pull punches and if he does not say that he knows the answers he gets back to you at a later date. Governor Patrick is not hiding from the truth and that is the biggest problem for any journalist or venue that reports the news.

Deval Patrick’s only sin before he was elected Governor of the Bay State was that he has had no real political experience when it comes to the media and how they headline your weakest link. Unlike the days of FDR, there is no mercy in today’s media. You are guilty by print.

Boy is Governor Patrick a crook or what? NOT!

Continue your mission Governor Patrick and with God speed! I believe in you so do not let me down. My vote next term depends on it.


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