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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Picture courtesy of MSNBC

I’ll say it again, IMUS IS BACK!!!

I am so freaking glad that Don Imus is coming back on the air! If you have ever had that grumpy old fart grandfather like figure that takes no crap then that is Don Imus in the nutshell. Past guests of his such as Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Presidential Candidates have suffered the grumpy old man with his blunt and direct approach. God help you if you called in and the Iman was having a problem breathing.

Bernie, Charles, put the damn burial shovels away and grab that hammer and start pulling the nails out of the Iman’s coffin. Somebody find out where his teenage wife Deirdre is and tell her the Keg Fest is over. She has to push the wheel chair up close to the microphone and wipe his mouth when the spittle from his rant of bitching out a United States Senator goes just a little to far.

Over at the Washington Post they have this to say about Don Imus settlement with CBS Radio…

Imus Settles With CBS; Next, a Comeback?

The Associated Press
Tuesday, August 14, 2007; 6:18 PM

NEW YORK -- Don Imus overcame a major obstacle Tuesday in his widely expected comeback bid, reaching a settlement with his former employer that allows him to return to the airwaves at a new station four months after he made a sexist and racist remark about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Imus and CBS Radio agreed to a settlement that pre-empts the fired radio personality's threatened $120 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS, the company and Imus' attorney said in a statement Tuesday.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Just before his dismissal, Imus signed a five-year, $40 million contract with CBS.

The announcement essentially makes Imus a free agent, and broadcast industry experts say he will be back on the air soon enough.

"I've been comparing this to a divorce, now both parties are able to move on," said Tom Taylor of, a sounding board for news and information about the radio industry.

Where Imus might land next is still up in the air.

A person familiar the situation told The Associated Press that Imus has had informal talks with several broadcasters, including WABC in New York, about a possible comeback. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks, and it is unclear how serious the discussions were _ given the fact that Imus' CBS contract was still under dispute.
- Washington Post

Apparently, the righteous Al Sharpton thinks that he played a large part in Don Imus being fired by CBS Radio. Somebody needs to tell the Reverend that his ego isn’t big enough to span the Hudson river. Al Sharpton had as much to do with the firing of Don Imus as you or I do when stuck in traffic and screaming at a red light to turn to green.

There is only one person responsible for Don Imus losing his job at CBS Radio and that was Don Imus. Then again, the woman he insulted at Rutgers chose to forgive him so in the Christian world that is supposed to end it. I still think Don Imus is a shock jock but I like his format and his interview skills with the people that flock to him. I’ll be listening to his broadcast in the morning drive and laughing all the way to work. What will you be doing?

Welcome back to the airwaves I-Man! Now get off your lazy cranky butt and start entertaining my sorry hard working butt. Your damn vacation is over and it is time to talk to the nine million loyal listeners you once had.

Charles, Bernie, keep them shovels at the ready. We might need them soon if he screws up again.


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