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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dog Fighting Criminal Animals

There can not be enough punishment for the men or dare I say woman that train dogs to fight. This is the ultimate cruelty to animals and there is no way anyone with a rational mind could ever think that this is a sport. I can not imagine the pain and suffering that these poor animals go through to be trained to fight? How much cruelty do they endure endlessly to instill the ferocity and desire to survive when encountered with another animal trained in the same way?

I’m shocked that even an NFL Quarterback has his name linked to this disgusting form of animal abuse and it makes you wonder how sick of a human being he truly is? Is the paycheck from the Falcons not covering the mortgage? Trying to make a few extra dollars on the side to cover college costs or what? What the hell was Michael Vick thinking? One thing that is a fact, his days in the NFL are over and I don’t feel one damn bit sorry for him.

Monsters are supposed to live in children’s closets and not in our adult world. Apparently, they walk amongst us and hidden somewhere near you is a training class run by monsters to bring out the worst in mans best friend.

Over at the Boston Herald they have a great piece on this issue and what the leaders of Mass-a-two-sticks are doing to change the laws and make them tougher on the monsters perpetrating this as a sport…

Pols bite back against dogfights: Gruesome sport called widespread
By Colneth Smiley Jr. and Marie Szaniszlo

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Updated: 04:15 AM EST

The gruesome nature of the competitive dogfighting that led to charges against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick stunned Boston-area pooch lovers, but it came as no surprise to animal advocates and authorities.

“It’s not just in Atlanta but in every community,” said Scott Giacoppo, MSPCA deputy director of advocacy. “It’s very underground, very secretive. A lot of people attribute this type of activity to urban settings, but it often happens in very affluent communities.”

The largest dogfighting ring in New England - and one of the largest in the nation - began in Hyde Park and ended in Newton, N.H., the posh community the suspect moved to after he discovered he was being investigated. In that case, police raided a two-floor garage that was covered in blood and seized 37 pit bulls, nearly all of whom had battle scars. One was missing his tongue. Another had two broken legs.
- Boston Herald

Maybe the State Legislature should make a law that these monsters have to be put in a cage with a pack of these dogs. Not their own dogs but ones that were trained by someone else. I know that that punishment is over the top and probably cruel but how much cruelty have these monsters doled out over the years to innocent animals before they were caught.

If you read the whole article, and I recommend that you do, this is not a poor mans so called sport. This is a very lucrative venue and slapping a small fine and even smaller threat of prison time is not going to make a dent in the participation in this cruel choice of entertainment. There needs to be a very disgusting fine for perpetrators convicted in the training or ownership of animals abused like this and the prison time should be up there with murder. How many animals are dying at the hands of these monsters every single day?

There is not a jury in the nation that would look kindly on this form of animal abuse and that is just how it should be. These are domesticated animals that are trained to be at the most primitive level of survival. When these poor animals do not perform well and loose, their owners revert to the most brutal form of animal abuse the news has ever reported. Men or woman that do this to them are not human in any form of the word.


Must read site for beautiful animals abused by owners that just happen to be Pittbulls

Please link this post or email it to your friends and family to protect these poor animals from future abuse.

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