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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dude’s I did it Man! Whoohooo!

In the gentleman’s club that is our nations capitol there appears to be a little towel snapping and high fives going on over the latest Republican Senator’s sexual adventures outside of marriage. Much like the High School locker rooms where the guys root and cheer when one of the jocks scores with a girl, apparently, they do the same thing in the Senate.

Locker room high school behavior is somewhat a right of passage to adulthood and something to be expected but in a GOP Senatorial meeting? Applauding a Senator that slept around on his wife with a prostitute is not what I would call family values. Maybe they were cheering his creating another family values?

Over at the Houston Chronicle they have this to say about the sexual exploits of Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana.

July 17, 2007, 12:58PM
Senator returns, dodges sex scandal questions

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Louisiana Sen. David Vitter returned to the Capitol today, apologizing privately to GOP colleagues but refusing to take reporters' questions about a sex scandal that sent him into seclusion for a week.

The first-term Republican said he wanted to resume his normal Senate schedule, but that proved difficult as news crews camped outside his office and chased him down hallways.

In a private weekly luncheon for Republican senators in the Capitol, Vitter briefly spoke and received a round of applause audible outside the room. Vitter told his colleagues he was sorry for the trouble he had caused them, and thanked them for their messages of support, said a senator who heard the speech and described it on background because of the private nature of the luncheons. - Houston Chronicle

Now that the righteous dude Senator has apologized to his wife and the nation does that mean he is good to go and we can trust him with his message on family values? I honestly think we can. He was caught, he fessed up to his bad behavior and his wife forgives him.

Yup, works for me because I am not critical of people in public service that claim the highest pulpit in the church and the government. I think people are too critical because after all it was just hypothetical supposed high school type sex between a Senator and a lady of age, of the night. (Whoooohoooo!) I have to remember to delete that (Whoooohoooo!) before I post this piece.

Ummm, could he have been experimenting on the behalf of the American people with multiple partners to verify that sleeping around can cause and spread sexually transmitted disease? Maybe he was trying to prove that prostitution does exist in America and now he has video to prove it?

Maybe he was counseling the girls in the service to the DC Madame on the ills of the services they provide and that the private sector is the way to really go to make the big bucks? He could have been providing guidance to K Street agencies that could show them the light… or the green?

Then again he could have been testing the latest military night vision weapon systems on unsuspecting woman of the night. That could be why he isn’t talking to the press. Those sort of things are especially TOP SECRET ya know!


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