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Monday, July 09, 2007

Can Bush Stop the Congressional Investigation?

I’m sorry to report but this Liberal has to agree with the President and you will have to excuse me while I swallow that little bit of vomit that just came up. As much as I detest the never ending games President Bush is playing with the Congressional investigations, his closest aides and advisers should be covered by executive privilege.

Confidence in your aides and advisers is critical to the American Presidency and setting a precedent where that advisory capacity is in harms way of future President's trust will set a very dangerous precedent.

Congress should have solid facts in hand that point exactly at any aide or any office holder to levy charges. If there are true facts that can be backed up by more than one source then by all means the President should release his aides to testify.

I’ll be the first to say that W needs to be taken down a notch but I do not want to see the office of President become a figure head without power. As much as this sitting President has abused the office of President our Congress has to make sure that they do not cripple the office to enforce their own interpretation of the Constitution.

Over at the New York Times they have this to say about today’s events…

Bush Won’t Deliver Records or Aides in Prosecutor Case

Published: July 10, 2007

WASHINGTON, July 9 — President Bush invoked a broad interpretation of executive privilege on Monday in his confrontation with Congress over the dismissal of federal prosecutors, refusing to comply with subpoenas for documents and blocking testimony from former White House aides.

Mr. Bush’s counsel, Fred F. Fielding, in a combative letter to the Democratic chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, said the White House and the two legislative panels had reached an impasse. The letter, which also said the White House would refuse to turn over materials explaining Mr. Bush’s legal claims, appeared to place the executive and legislative branches on a collision course.

Mr. Fielding wrote that Mr. Bush would not turn over any records related to the dismissals and that he had instructed Sara M. Taylor, the former White House political director, and Harriet E. Miers, the former White House counsel, to refuse to testify in hearings this week.
- New York Times

Our Congress is botching this investigation. Far too many cooks and not enough preparation to make the damn meal. All the vegetables are peeled, the potatoes are ready, hell all the spices are lined up as well but somebody forgot to bring the damn meat to the kitchen!

President Bush will live out this Congressional storm because the Congress and the people chasing after him are not all chasing the same horse that left the barn years ago. While they make the recipe look interesting they have other intentions and that is what the political game is all about. Something to think about as you sit in your Congressional seat is the fact that if you put the first knife in the President’s political back then what could happen to you if you ever aspired to the office of President of the United States of America at some point in time down the road?

When President Nixon was taken down, it put the country and our government in crisis for years. Can our nation afford that kind of crisis today given world events? Who is the next football player from Michigan or the Peanut Farmer to fumble through the dissolved office of President? Who is the former movie star to bring back American pride?

As much as I hate to say it, President Bush has made the Reagan Teflon suit look like sandpaper and he will walk out of office clean as a new born babe. History however will restore his legacy to that to which it really was. Smoke and mirrors. The smoke will clear and the mirrors will shatter with what the truth really is. If he had taken down the house of Bush with his Presidency will be up solely to the historians to tell and write about. If his actions were noble then that too should be written and explained. There are far too many what if’s in our nations future path and this President is courtesy of invitation only audiences.

President’s should have advisors and a confidence in their thoughts and those thoughts should be protected. Executing the office of President should be done so with utmost concern for the law and if laws were broken then it is up to the person in the office to decide if he is just or worthy of his people. We are a nation of laws and not personal ideology. If laws were broken then the Congress must investigate and do as it must to protect the Republic regardless of the pains of the past.


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