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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dems Combat Bush over Woman’s Rights

I think that it is a given fact that you will not find Mitt Romney or Uncle Rudi, Super Vet John McCain or any other Republican running for President at a Planned Parenthood convention. Much like President Bush having a hand selected audience the Dems supposedly pulled out all the stops against a women’s freedom of choice but I could not find one iota of information in this article where they talked about the Republican candidates actually running for President.

While this was great fodder for the political press nobody landed a damn punch against any of the Republicans other than George W. Bush? I could not believe my eyes and I had to re-read this piece over and over at the New York Times…

Democrats Attack Bush on Women’s Health Issues
Published: July 18, 2007

WASHINGTON, July 17 — In a rousing indictment of the Bush administration and the Supreme Court it created, Senator Baracj Obama told a Planned Parenthood convention here on Tuesday that the next election would decide a fundamental question: “What kind of America will our daughters grow up in?”

The speech by Mr. Obama, of Illinois, came on a day when the leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination expressed their commitment to reversing the Bush administration’s approach to abortion rights, judicial appointments, sex education and contraception.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton declared that President Bush had consistently “played politics with women’s health.” She added, “He has chipped away at reproductive rights, and he has worked to turn Washington, D.C., into an evidence-free zone where facts are subordinate to ideology.”

Mrs. Clinton, of New York, argued that the Bush administration and its conservative allies had undermined and underfinanced longstanding education and family planning programs while heavily favoring abstinence education. She added, to cheers, “I want you to know that when I’m president, I will devote my very first days in office to reversing these ideological, antiscience, antiprevention policies that this administration has put into place.”

Mr. Obama, who was repeatedly interrupted by applause, said the recent Supreme Court decision upholding a federal ban on a type of abortion was the beginning of a profound retreat on women’s rights, and should be presented that way to the voters. - New York Times

I don’t know what they were all thinking. This is a political race of a lifetime and these folks are slamming Bush when they should be focused on the Mini-Publicans over on the other side of the ballot. Granted the piece does not give a carbon copy of each candidates speech to the Planned Parenthood convention but no where in it does it say that Romney is Pro Life for now but it might rain tomorrow and he might change his mind. No where does the article list any other candidates position on the other side of the ballot!

Who the hell is writing these peoples speeches and why haven’t the candidates fired them? Get rid of the kid gloves and enter the political arena like you want to win the highest office of the land. Running for President takes some serious guts and it takes calculated risks. If you are going to give a speech to a group that is for all intents and purposes Pro Abortion then point out and state from the opposing party who is not. Point out the logical reasons why a candidate like Mitt Romney flip flops on the issue. Point out that Guliani is a Catholic but in the past and somewhat in the present he is flip flopping on this serious issue.

Most of America already knows President Bush is an idiot, been there and done that the last election cycle. There is a good probability that a Democrat will be elected to the White House but it will not be someone that is screaming the loudest “Me Too!”. I would tend to think that the moderates and centrists of the political parties would like to see some serious points on why one person or party is better than the other before we all have to vote for someone for President.

Show some damn political guts and play the cards you have people. Convince the people in the middle that you have the audacity to call a spade a spade and if the folks over on the other side want to damn you for it then you welcome the free publicity. Winning the hearts of the middle of the political spectrum is an art form woven with comments that you believe in and statements of intentions of perspective. More importantly, fire your speech writers. They missed an opportunity of a lifetime to transfer the message through the candidates mouths to left leaning moderates ears.


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