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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Child Abuse in Mass Continued

This story in the Boston Globe sounded like a trumpet sounding out the call to go to arms and fight the dragon that is the Department of Social Services. That is not the case by any means. This is an extreme case of child abuse and I don’t think anyone will argue with me over that point. DSS when notified does what it has to do to protect the kids.

You actually have to read the entire piece over at the Boston Globe to not fully condemn DSS.

Doctor says DSS sought to send bitten girl home
No bail for pair accused in abuse

By John R. Ellement, Globe Staff
July 12, 2007

NEW BEDFORD -- A Boston doctor who examined a 3-year-old girl whose upper lip was bitten off said yesterday that hospital staffers had to persuade the Department of Social Services not to send the child home, where her mother had allegedly failed to stop months of physical abuse by her boyfriend.

Five days after the girl was brought to Children's Hospital Boston with black scabs on her mutilated face, DSS proposed sending her home, according to testimony by Dr. Alice Newton during the couple's dangerousness hearing in New Bedford District Court yesterday.
The injuries were so severe, Newton testified, that the girl will never fully recover.

The DSS proposed on April 30 to return the child to her home four months after she first came to the attention of the agency's officials in January, when she was seen at a New Bedford hospital for treatment of a broken tooth and bruises that a physician there called suspicious.

DSS officials said last week that they did not take action in the case in the months following the January hospital visit because they did not find the girl at home on several occasions.


In a telephone interview yesterday, DSS spokeswoman Denise Monteiro called the disagreement over the child's release a miscommunication that was quickly cleared up by a conference call that hospital staff requested with DSS. DSS officials had not authorized a plan to send the child home, she said.

Doctors, she said "thought the [DSS] worker was going to pick up the kid and take the kid home, and that was not what was going on," Monteiro said. "That was not the plan. There was no plan to take the child anywhere."

DSS ultimately went into court and, on May 3, obtained legal custody of the girl and her 5-year-old brother. The boy has not shown signs of physical abuse, officials said.
– Boston Globe

You really have to keep an open mind when it comes to the modern DSS intervention. When abuse at this level occurs then they will take children from the home and with good cause. I can’t say that I am a big fan of DSS but I am a supporter of what they do for the children abused beyond recognition as the child was in this case.

It is pretty obvious to me that the mother in this scenario was no Mother Theresa or even a reflection of her. This mom was just a womb vehicle with a growing cellular structure that just happened to come through the birth canal and after that point something else was on the television that was more important to pay attention too.

How she choose the boyfriend over the child is beyond my thought comprehension but then again I have five baby girls that I love to no end. Put a speeding out of control bus in their way and I would die trying to get them out of its path. That is just me though.

Was this mom to busy contemplating her navel while her baby girl’s lip was being bitten off? Where were her motherly instincts while the boyfriend was attacking this child like an animal? What kind of person would ever allow that to happen even once?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard liberal, but when it comes to kids and someone abusing them like these two people did, I have no mercy in my soul for them. While one person bit this little girls lip off the other pretended it never happened.

Meanwhile, there is a little girl out there disfigured for life. She is safe now thanks to DSS, and I for one applaud the actions they took. As for Bryan James, the animal that bit this little girls lip off, making him a gelding is not even close to what I would like to do that monster!


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