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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush Colonoscopy Findings

Just a few things that might just show up on President Bush’s Colonoscopy…

The section of the Constitution that clearly defines the wording “Do as you damn well please. Washington was supposed to be a King!”

The secret location that Dick Cheney has been hiding in every time the rest of the nation has been in peril.

All of those old signs that used to be in the back window of cars that said “Baby on Board” that were replaced with "My Son is a Marine".
Dick Cheney’s gold watch from Haliburton along with fifteen other solid gold watches from Haliburton engraved with "We love Dick" since he took office.

Top secret plans to invade New Mexico that had to be scrapped when it was discovered by the CIA that they were actually a State. Nasty notes about Bill Richardson were deemed to confidential to repeat.

Global positioning marking systems to clarify where President Bush ass and his elbow are at all times. The units were found to be defective. Who'd of thunk that?

One set of drapes with Dick Cheney’s initials stitched in over the seal of the President.

450,000 imaginary troops that invaded Iraq and the war was won in under 90 days. “Mission Accomplished”. No banners dictating such were found on the cellular level.

Donald Rumsfeld’s real plan to invade Iraq with just ten troops armed with 450,000 X-Boxes.
368,922 beer bottle caps of a brew only made in Wyoming but with a Washington D.C. five cent deposit return printed on them. This finding was sent to the RNC for further anlaysis.

The missing fifth Dentist in that four out of five Dentist survey.

Last but not least 12 million guest workers luggage that just didn’t make it back home.

All kidding aside, I’m hoping that he will get a clean bill of health. If he has been able to stuff so much bull up our ass I’m sure that his own ass has more than enough room for lots more.

I wish this man no ill will and I hope and pray that our President comes through this procedure with flying colors. Colon Cancer is a serious issue in America and after you reach a certain age you should think about having this procedure done. Prevention of Colon Cancer is only done through the procedure our nations President is going to have done. I hope and pray that he can walk away from the procedure with a clean bill of health.

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Blogger Neal said...

The Real Findings of the Bush Colonoscopy.

While navigating along the tissue channel of Bush's colon, the lead doctor stopped the procedure. He immediately called in other top specialists. There was a large growth, round in nature, that was not a polyph.

Upon turning on a second light the doctors were relieved. The large overgrown cabbage-sized growth was just Bush's head - smiling back at them!

8:39 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


8:55 AM  

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