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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Being a Kid Once More...

Want to be a kid again? I’m stealing this one from my friend over at Aces Full of Links. Sorry James but this was awesome enough to pry the hub caps off your web site bro…LOL!!!

Mr. Rogers! Man I loved watching him as a kid and I wanted to grow up and be the kind of guy he was. Granted, we all grew up and became self serving jerks demanding our coffee just so and our Dunkin Donuts order just like we demand. What a spoiled bunch of jerks our generation is? Wow!

My vote for the best post for ever wanting to be a kid again is this one over at mental…

After reading this great post can you picture our friend Mr. Rogers ever passing gas? Even if you could you would know that he would explain it away as just the fun part of you being you. Try saying that in the office and getting away with it after a double burrito with extra hot sauce!

Stolen idea From ACES FULL OF LINKS… Shhhhhh, don’t tell James! Keep this as our pretend secret… Visit his site and you will be amazed daily on the stuff he comes up with. Classic and I love it!


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