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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Education of Governor Deval Patrick

Picture courtesy of NECN

NECN has a great in depth broadcast on an imbedded reporter with Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts during his first one hundred days in office. Alison King of NECN did a great job on the mini documentary that follows the Governor from his home to the office and to his meetings around the state.

According to Eagan and Braude and Alison King’s guest spot on 96.9FM Talk Radio in Boston she was given full access to the Governor with only one request, the Governor could request to omit anything. For the record, the Governor omitted nothing from the broadcast and that took political guts. This isn’t just a fluff piece with just lovey love to the Governor. They cover all the so called scandals as he learned the ropes of Beacon Hill day by day.

I just love the idea that they titled it “The Education of Deval Patrick: The First 100 Days”. Having watched the piece it truly fits. This guy is genuine and one hundred percent a regular guy and it shows in the broadcast. If you were not a favorite of Deval Patrick before viewing this on NECN then you will be after.

This is what NECN has to say about the



NEWTON, MA – MAY 23, 2007 – When he decided to run for governor of Massachusetts in 2005, Deval Patrick was a largely unknown figure hoping his grassroots campaign for change on Beacon Hill would catch fire across the state.

In November 2006 his “Together We Can’’ campaign did, indeed, carry him to victory and he emerged the first African-American governor of the Commonwealth, and the first Democrat to hold the post in 16 years.

“The Education of Deval Patrick: The First 100 Days’’ candidly chronicles Patrick’s first few months in office, from his historic swearing-in ceremony, to controversies involving his car, office drapes, his phone call to help former employer Ameriquest, and staff shakeups, to his wife Diane’s battle with depression, and many staff meetings, press conferences, and bill signings in-between.

Preview video courtesy of

To be honest with you I can see this Governor winning a second term. I can also see him running for the Presidency in eight years and winning it as well. With all the campaign issues that he went through and tried to let the people know who he was he just skimmed the surface. This documentary gives you the real person that is Governor Deval Patrick.

He hangs out at home in jeans and is very comfortable just being himself. His wife is his world and the relationship that they have is something to be jealous of. Just the simple fact that when he makes a mistake he owns up to it instantly. As he has said in the past regarding his own missteps “You didn’t elect a saint as Governor”. He never claimed to be perfect.

One thing that I applaud the Governor for is his own personal refusal to get into a racial debate over his custom built home in the Berkshires. The man was a very successful employee of Coca Cola Corporation and with that success a bountiful salary with the rewards and ability to afford a home of comfort. A home that his wife Diane and he earned and paid for that they will retire to and spend the best times of their lives just being themselves.

During the campaign this was a racial bate question by the main stream media and it was uncalled for. It was never questioned of any of the other candidates with great personal wealth with regard to their so called “Mansions”? You could see in the broadcast that it bothered him that people even had the audacity to ask that question as if he deserved his home. He earned his four walls the hard way by working his ass off for it and he and his family deserve the benefit of that hard work.

Check out the broadcast if you can or contact NECN to get the DVD on it. Mark my words, this man will be President of the United States someday and you read it here first.

Other air dates and times:

Friday, June 1, 7pm
Saturday, June 2, 8pm
Sunday, June 3, 11am
Monday, June 4, 4pm
Tuesday, June 5, 2pm
Wednesday, June 6, 11am

*DVDs available upon request*


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Govenor Deval Patrick and i felt that he would make a difference by being honest and by being brave.

I have sent some letters to gov. patrick regarding my son. regarding a law that has cursed our 17 year old boys in massachusetts? i have been working very hard in trying to help my son for the past year. he was incarcerated for being with a girl under the age of 14 when he was seventeen years old. the law, that mitt romney signed, states that it is supposed to protect children under the age of seventeen. According to legal statements and documents the girl lied about her age, hung out with sixteen and seventeen year olds, sneaks out of her home in the middle of the night, drinks and puts on her myspace website that she is twenty (when she is only now 18) she makes comments on her web site like, AGE, 'I'll never tell' etc. all the proof needed showed that this girl was a preditor, but they put my son in jail to pay for her wrong doing..

there are future voters between the ages of 18 and 25 that will have son's of their own.. i beleive that they to are concerned about this law and as to what will happen to their son's future. what do you think?

over a long period of time i have seen on the news how women have come forward and told a story of how they were violated involuntarily. then it is found that either there is not proof or she just simply lied. these women not only make hard for the real persons who have been violated, but they kill our son's reputation.. where is the law that states: false accusations are a crime and you should be punished?

michele of bedford massachusetts

7:52 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


I would recommend that you contact Governor Patrick directly by phone. If you are still having a hard time getting hold of him then he is accesible for direct contact the second Thursday of every month from 1PM to 2PM on Eagan & Braude of 96.9 FM Talk in Boston.


I do know that you can email him there and he answers all emails either himself or someone on his staff will assist you.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


I've been thinking about your situation and you might want to contact your State Representative and ask them to get involved on your case. Trust me it really isn't a big deal!

Go on line to find out who your State Rep. is and tell him or her what your problem is. If you have friends with the same situation then ask them to do the same.

Repeat the process with your State Senator. The reality of our world is that nobody actually talks to these people and the ones that do get the representation that they need. Ramp up the war machine and start an email campaign to make right what you think is wrong. Freedom of speech is your right my friend.

If you need my help to write your particular situation down then you can email me at the address on the web site:

I don't know if I can help you but I think I can point you in the right direction to get the best bang for your buck at no charge.

Let me know how it works out for you.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Sanjay said...

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6:22 AM  

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