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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Solar Power Education and Marketing

If America and the world for that matter is ever going to be independent of the turmoil that is the Middle East then we all need to belly up to the bar of knowledge on new sources for our energy needs. One such source is Solar Power, a resource for electrical power that has made enormous technical advances over the past ten years alone.

For many home owners there is a fear of dealing with anything electrical once you get past the point of plugging in the blow dryer or hitting the start button on your microwave oven. As long as you pay the electric bill every month and the lights go on when you turn a switch then that is all you want to know.

The world as we know it is getting smaller and the resources to keep those lights on need to change over the long term. If not for political hot points in the world such as Iraq and Iran over oil availability then for green house gas and global warming reasons.

Energy consumption and the education we need to change our perspective on one source of energy are covered in this interesting piece over at the New York Times…

Today’s Topic Is Solar Energy Systems

Published: April 19, 2007

QUICK, true or false: Solar energy systems work only on hot, cloudless days. Rooftop systems come in one configuration — big and ugly. And if you generate more energy than you use, there is no way you can sell it elsewhere.

For the record, the answer to all of those is: false. But last summer the Sharp Electronics Corporation, one of the biggest makers of rooftop solar panels, asked about 1,000 people those questions and was astounded at how many answered wrong.

So Sharp, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sharp Corporation of Japan and RiechesBaird, the ad agency it hired in July, tabled their original plan to push the virtues of Sharp systems among installers, builders and distributors. Instead, they embarked on a six-month campaign to teach homeowners in California — the state with the most generous government incentives for solar energy — how it works.

Their hope is that — to borrow a phrase from Sy Syms, the discount clothing entrepreneur — an educated consumer will eventually be their best customers.
– The New York Times


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Blogger Susana said...

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Imagine your electric bill being as low as your cable bill. You could also be eligible for generous government rebates when you decide to convert to solar. When your system generates more electricity than you’re consuming, your utility meter will actually spin backwards. You accrue credit with your utility company at the same rate they are charging you. This allows you to reduce your electric bill and drive it toward zero. By using solar power, you can also reduce the amount of electricity you have to buy. Once the equipment has been installed, the electricity generated is free! In addition, PV panels typically have a long life and with no moving parts, they require minimal maintenance. See Link below for some awesome solar energy products! Save yourself money and the environment!
Sunlight Can Make Your Meter Spin Backwards. Sunlight is a renewable energy source and the conversion of sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic (PV) panels is an environmentally friendly process. It is one that is silent and produces no greenhouse gas emissions or other polluting by-products. You are actually helping the environment! Generating electricity from solar energy reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emission. By switching to solar power, you will combat global warming and reduce our nation’s dependence of foreign energy sources. Even a small solar electric system has a significant environmental impact. Did you ever leave a hose spread out on your ground in the summer and then hours later squirted it only to find out that the water is very hot? This is the same concept of how solar energy works. GO NATURAL!

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