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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Imus in the Morning returns…

With the forgiveness of the Rutgers Girls Basketball Team being given to Don Imus there comes with it a fresh start. Or at the least that is how it should be. With MSNBC and CBS Radio pulling the plug on the Imus in the Morning show it basically buried Don Imus at the demands of the few. Mind you the Rutgers Girls Basketball Team never demanded that Don Imus be fired. Were his comments disgusting and racist, you can bet your last dollar on that fact. Was he remorseful and begging for forgiveness? Yes! Was the moronic and defacing comment hurtful and wrong? Yes! Was CBS Radio and Les Moonves wrong when he caved in to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in firing Don Imus? Yes, he ultimately told all of Don Imus fans to bugger off as the Brits like to say!

What about all the listeners that have supported the Imus in the Morning show through the years by buying the products his radio networks and affiliates sold? Do the listeners of the Imus in the morning show have a voice in this discussion? Apparently, we do not and that is very wrong. I for one will vote my disapproval with MSNBC and CBS Radio with my wallet. If they choose not to forgive Don Imus as the Rutgers Girls Basketball Team did then I choose not to support them and their advertisers. Over at the Boston Herald they had this little piece on not supporting the networks decision…

Small Calif. radio station to air the ’Best of Imus’ next week in defiance of Don Imus’ firing

By Associated PressFriday, April 13, 2007 - Updated: 12:20 PM

ESTSAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - A small radio station intends to run the ”Best of Imus” next week in defiance of Don Imus’ firing.

Fred Lundgren, chairman of 1,400-watt KCAA (1050 AM), said the station would start the series Monday with the program that wound up getting Imus cashiered.

”I’m not going to let networks dictate to me who I run on my station,” said Lundgren.

The station, which has broadcast the shock jock’s morning show since 2003, also plans to air mostly supportive listener mail and e-mail reacting to the controversy.

The station can be heard in communities east and south of Los Angeles. The Imus material also will be available on the station’s Web site at Monday.

Calls late Thursday to Westwood One Inc., which syndicated Imus’ morning program, were not immediately returned.

Lundgren said the motive for broadcasting the Imus reruns is in part financial.

”I hate to say it, but without Imus, we’re pretty much toast,” said Lundgren, adding: ”What Imus did was deplorable, inexcusable, but it shouldn’t end the career of a man who has done so much good. This is an overreaction beyond anything I’ve ever seen in radio.”
– Boston Herald

I fully support the decision of the young ladies from Rutgers that were the point of this racist comment. I fully support the decision of these same young ladies to offer forgiveness. That is the most admirable act I have witnessed in my entire life. They are the spirit of America that is lost on the horizon to many of our nation’s melting pot society. This is one group of very brave young woman that have taken the higher road and chose to forgive rather than to divide. That my friend is what pure class looks like no matter what angle you choose to view it from.

As a long time listener of the Imus in the Morning Show I support the actions of the radio station in California for flipping the bird to the corporate networks. You have to realistically look at the big picture and see that Don Imus is not just one man. He was the source for many families paychecks across America with his rash remarks to politicians and celebrities that people loved to hear. Don Imus was never afraid to tell anyone what he thought on any issue and perhaps that was his downfall. What about all the families working for small stations that simulcast his show? Are they at the mercy of Al Sharpton? With the never ending callous reactions from this man of the cloth there will be thousands of families across America without a paycheck to put food on the table. How is the Prime Rib in New York Reverend Sharpton?

Al Sharpton made it clear Friday that he is “Big Brother” from the George Orwell book and he will be burning the books and radio show host, and television broadcasters at the stake to make sure that we are stead fast in our nations compliance and ve vill comply mine Fuhrer! NOT!!!

Racism does not know or reside in only one racial group in America but it is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. Not one American is totally innocent of not having this horrible human trait. Much like anger, we can confront it and deal with it face to face. Don Imus choose the path that was very honorable to talk with the people he wronged and was forgiven by the people that he needed it from. His first mistake was talking to Al Sharpton but you can never take back a stupid mistake. That point was made very clear by MSNBC and CBS Radio.

Can Al Sharpton say the same? I don’t think so. Al Sharpton loves the attention of issues like this but he does not realize or even comprehend the double edge sword effect that racism is not just about one race against the other but cuts back with the same swiftness. Hate of race has no place in America Reverend and you are the first to cry wolf. We don't hear to many heart felt apologies from the self proclaimed righteous Reverend though do we? That doesn't sell in the media even when you know you are wrong.

We as a people need to keep this discussion moving forward and get it out into the light to learn from it. This isn't just about African Americans. This about America and we need to end this idiocy that is so very wrong. We as a people need to know that your families history is not as important to America as to what you as an individual can be for your nation. That is the beauty of America because we can all discuss this and paint it as the monster that we do not want to ever see again. We as a nation of Americans can rise above this and be better for it. My brother is my keeper and I am the defender of my brother. You are an American and need to voice that first.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That message never gets old for me. What about you?

God Bless the young ladies of Rutgers for rising above this crap. They are the true Americans hear.


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Blogger Vigilante said...

For myself, I never have liked Don Imus and after I heard of his treatment of PBS's Glen Ifil (New York Times), I'd have to say I'd be glad to see him turned out to pasture.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Evorgleb said...

We've been talking about how Jackson and Sharpton have now been getting death threats over on the Highbrid Nation website and it got me thinking. Sharpton and Jackson may need to stop tryin to speak on behalf on all black people. I'm starting to feel like that are very out of touch with the average black person. Especially Sharpton who I feel is a joke.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all the Imus fans out there, what you need to do is contact the people over at Sirrius/XM radio.(which is probably where he'll end up)
Tell them we want our IMUS. Maybe they'll put him right before or after Howard Stern.They can call it ALL MORON radio.
But seriously, he will then have the oppurtunity to excercise his right of free speech without having to answer to Sharpton, Jackson, the FCC and all others who's stomachs are to weak to deal with his shtick. The rest of us can choose to do what I've been doing for years,ignore them both.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Teflon said...

Thanks for the link, Papamoka, and hope it's not too cold out in Woostah (sorry, the RI accent creeps in sometimes).

11:47 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Glad to help out Teflon. Great site you have there!

5:07 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Man I have been swamped with stuff to do...

Vigilante, I don't blame you for not liking him. There are always some people that simply do not connect with you. Thanks for the heads up and the NYT piece.

Evorgleb, your site rocks! I will be visiting regularly from now on my friend.

Anonymous, I'm checking into the Imus and Serrius/XM connection. The man has been fired more times in his life than Satelite Radio has stations...

Great comments from all and I appreciate the thoughts behind them.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Sir Cumspect said...

Excellent post! I am a Democrat and a liberal without a racist bone in my body, and I am missing "Imus in the Morning!" I have watched Imus almost daily since he joined MSNBC, and I feel we viewers had NO input into whether he was fired. Polls run on CNN and MSNBC indicated about 85 percent of viewers thought Imus should keep his broadcasts. Yet, no one listened. I wrote all the SUITS at MSNBC, NBC, CBS and WFAN, and no one replied. I did what I could on my little blog and had more than 200 hits from people searching for terms such as "Defending Don Imus," "In Defense of Don Imus," "Support Don Imus," and "Save Don Imus." Clearly, this witchhunt was settled with such speed that fans of the show had no where to go to fight the fight. If you care to take a look, I have my Don Imus posts linked at the top left of my blog:

Thanks for supporting the I-man!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Sir Cumspect,

Thanks for backing the I-Man up! I checked out your site and you my friend are an amazing writer. I really mean that.

If you would like some tips to help out your site I would be honored to give you any advice I can. Feel free to email me at the email address on the site.

Amazing topics! Good stuff too! Link here and I will gladly add your site link to mine.

God Bless
and somebody save Imus!...LOL

9:04 PM  
Blogger Sir Cumspect said...

papamoka: Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Still missing the voices of Don Imus and his crew, and I cannot imagine what they are going through. Michael Smerconish's trial run on MSNBC is making me miss the real deal even more! The race relations issue has now been overshadowed by the discussion of Va. Tech and gun control and next week another issue will gain the spotlight. In the meantime, Imus viewers and listeners are left feeling helpless in the face of such a "public stoning" as the Congressional Quarterly's Craig Crawford called the firing of Imus. Best wishes to you. Keep up your good work.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Blog on Sir Cumspect! Imus will be back in my honest opinion but I just don't know what venue he will pop or poop up in...LOL!

Feel free to comment here on any post and I appreciate your enthusiasm my friend.

7:17 PM  

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