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Friday, April 20, 2007

Howie Carr the Political Racist Columnist

If you have ever been graced with the reading of the Boston Herald they have some really great reporters and columnists that provide true journalism with a typical Boston twist. Much like all papers there are the people on the staff that dare to call themselves reporters or a columnist and are simply below the bar or severely lacking with the endowment or gift of the respected titles.

Back in the day of Billy Bulger and his iron clad hold on the state senate president’s office Howie Carr served a purpose as a much loved columnist to the Boston Herald paper and the people that spat out the grotesque and flagrant actions of a legislative body without an ounce of honest spirit in it. Billy Bulger is long gone and yet Howie Carr is still rambling on. Reaching for the stars and trying his damn well best to paint anyone even remotely liberal as a piece of crap.

His method of attack on anyone is simply to use his column as a bully pulpit and bash the intelligence of anyone he cares to bash. Democrats hold a favorite spot in his heart to publish away as incompetent infidels to his picture perfect idea of society. This week it’s our distinguished Senator John Kerry. Even better he was able to toss a stone among the many at Don Imus simply because John Kerry thought that the punishment did not fit the crime.

Earth to Kerry: Shut up, already
By Howie Carr

Boston Herald Columnist
Friday, April 20, 2007 - Updated: 01:46 AM EST
John Kerry - a day late and a dollar short, again.

Can we have an intervention, please? Stop this preening fool before he inserts foot in mouth again. The man has a disease. For Liveshot, one camera is too many, and a thousand are not enough.

Just consider the past couple of weeks. I know, he’s been out pushing a book, “This Moment on Earth.” But just because someone shoves a microphone into his face doesn’t mean he has to take the bait. Sometimes, you have to know when to leave something alone.

What’s the old saying? Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

So he’s out there hawking product when the story breaks about Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama raising record amounts of campaign cash in the first quarter. On top of that is the lingering John Edwards sympathy factor. Almost by the day, Kerry is an ever-more distant memory in the rearview mirror of history.

Liveshot’s reaction? He tells the first interviewer he runs into that perhaps he will be running for president again. Or maybe not.

See, he was running for president before he was not running for president before he was running for president before he was not.

Then there was his “debate” in D.C. with Newt Gingrich. Gingrich said nice things about Liveshot, almost hugged him, and then promptly collapsed in the Republican presidential polls. You might say Newt “pulled a Kerry.”

Next, along comes Don Imus, on whose abysmal talk show Kerry once uttered yet another botched joke about the Italian military, (and wasn’t Kerry fortunate his slur didn’t make anyone’s top 10 list of Imus embarrassments last week?).

Kerry’s people say he issued a statement last week denouncing the I-man’s racist crack. But like all the other Beautiful People, Kerry (for once) wasn’t exactly rushing out to the microphones to tell the TV audiences that maybe his pal the I-man should put his brown shirts away.

End of story?Not quite. This week, with Imus dead and buried, guess who stepped up and stepped into it?

In New York, Kerry was asked about it by a TV reporter, and he opined that the punishment should fit the crime.

After all, it was only a botched joke.
– The Boston Herald

Is it any more possible to wear your self espoused conservative die hard right wing mentality agenda and put it in print any more clearly than what Howie Carr (Wreck) does and get away with it. Can he just preach the hate and hypocrisy of his own article somewhere else? Canada could use a great liberal bashing columnist. No, we can’t do that to Canada, they might retaliate with someone twice as worse and extremely liberal. England could use a good right wing columnist like Howie. Any where but here works for me.

It is high time we point out the people that want to sell hate in no matter what form it is presented. Reporters preaching hate of any individual should receive the same treatment as Don Imus. They should be trashed and public opinion should be moved to force them out of a job. We should be pointing at the haters amongst us and casting them out of our society at large.

We should all take every sentence that every single writer in America writes and it should be reviewed by a legal court to decide what is offensive, racist, politically incorrect and shameful. We should start the investigations with Howie Carr of the Boston Herald. Once we have him canned lets move on to George Will. Then we can go after that old bugger from the New Yorker that has that snooty attitude toward the lesser educated amongst us. Frank Rich has to go next because he is just too extreme with his liberalism and self righteous attitude with every work he presents for print in the New York Times. Rush Limbaugh, jackpot of jack asses has got to go to the unemployment office and stop at the Target Pharmacy, Walgreen Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Brooks Pharmacy and one or two Mom and Pop Pharmacies after we get rid of his racist commentary against anyone that does no tow the strict line of rich folks against poor folks.

Any one at Fox News or works for the network should just pack your desk. Same goes for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Palm Beach Post, Boston Herald, all hell shut all the newspapers down.

Talk radio, umm, ya they are gone too. They talk about to many things that make people think. That isn’t good for a free America. Magazines other than the ones that do nothing but nice pictures of fuzzy bunnies and puppies, and babies are okay. While we are at it, the flag needs to be redesigned too! Any suggestions from anyone other than the stars and stripes forever will be appreciated?

While we are revising the Constitution and the freedom of the press somebody just might want to make a call into the White House and see if the President can go over to the Smithsonian with his burnt umber crayon and just draw a line through the first and second amendment. Then again, why stop at two amendments?

As much as one amendment seems to conflict with the other, neither can exist without the other.
Question for the Readers of Papamoka Straight Talk... Where do you stand on the freedom of the press dealing with and reporting on the Virginia Tech Massacre? Second question... What do you think about the second amendment and the right to bare arms?


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