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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus Gone but not Forgotten

Don Imus screwed up and he became the target of everything that is racism in America. He was an easy target. He was a nationally syndicated talk radio giant amongst a field of diverse opinions politically.

One man lead this charge to stone Imus without considering if the people he offended with his comments would or could forgive Don Imus. The Reverend Al Sharpton beat this horse to death and ended the livelihood of Don Imus and his family.

But, big old hairy butt, the Reverend Sharpton now speaks out of the other side of his face in saying that this was never about Don Imus but about the abuse of our nation’s airwaves. Come again with the comments demanding Don Imus being fired Reverend Sharpton?

The outstanding athletes of the Rutgers young womans basketball team have forgiven Don Imus. If they can find it in their hearts to forgive him then the issue should be closed as the good Lord tells us. Then again Al Sharpton still has a week or two worth of stones to toss at Don Imus and needs this event to carry on. Publicity for Al Sharpton is the game he plays and he can have it. People can see that the emperor is naked!

Don Imus is a wealthy man by ordinary standards and I hope and pray that he and his wife will be able to continue the Kids with Cancer ranch activities. Being a private charity I would hope that people will still donate to the fun that kids enjoy and labor at for a stay at the Imus ranch. This isn’t a venture for self promotion but an outreach to bring children hope. I would love to see the Imus people submit a list just with the number of kids that have benefited from the good work that Imus and his family do for sick kids. Then let’s compare it to what Al Sharpton has for a list. No comparison is needed. Imus wins out across the board. MSNBC who canned the I-Man has this little piece on the Imus family personal charity...

Associated Press
(Picture Courtesy of MSNBC)
Updated: 4:42 p.m. PT April 14, 2007

RIBERA, N.M. - Don Imus's banishment from the public airwaves also deprives him of a critical platform to raise money for the sprawling Imus Ranch, where children with cancer and other illnesses get a taste of the cowboy life.

Before he was fired last week for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos," Imus pointed to the northern New Mexico ranch to make his case that he is "a good person who said a bad thing."

With Imus out of a job, some wonder whether the pipeline to charity money will eventually dry up.


General Motors Corp. said Friday it would continue donating Chevrolet Suburbans for the ranch.
The Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey provides the doctors, nurses and "child life specialists" who attend every ranch session.

"While there is no excuse for these comments, we cannot overlook all of the good he has done for families of Bergen County and across the nation," the medical center said in a statement.

The nearly 4,000-acre ranch, at the foot of a mesa about 50 miles from Santa Fe, features a re-creation of the main street of a 19th-century Western town, a swimming pool, an indoor horse-riding arena, an outdoor rodeo arena, and barns.

Kids between 10 and 17 who have cancer or serious blood disorders, or who have lost siblings to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, spend seven days at the ranch in the summer, when Imus would broadcast from a studio there at no cost to their families.

Racism in America has to be addressed and I will never waiver on that fact. Pointing the finger and stoning someone out of existence is not the answer. Pointing the finger and asking someone to change is the answer. CBS Radio and MSNBC caved in to the hype and lost the message and their messenger at the same time. Corporate cowardice once more rears its ugly head. Then again, so have the many celebrities, news reporters and government servant friends of Don Imus chosen to shun him and distance themselves from him rather than defend his pleas for forgiveness.

America needs to focus on Americans and not on issues that will forever divide us if the messengers that are the supposed standard bearers speak for all of us. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not speak for all of America. African Americans need to think that they are Americans first and heritage comes second. Nobody else in this nation is Irish American, Polish American, German American, Mexican American, Brazilian American, and the list goes on.

Be an American and be what you can be as an American. Saying that you are an African American is a proud thing to claim but it is a cop out. You are either an American or not and that is just one solution to ending the racism in our nation. I am an American! That is a statement that I would prefer to defend at any cost to my own personal well being. “I am an American!” Say it with pride and you are an American.

The only one holding any of us back as Americans and no matter what race or creed is ourselves.
If Don Imus has lost his voice in defense of his own personal ignorance in our nation then we all need to talk about racism amongst ourselves in order to wipe it out. It is within each and every single one of us to take the steps needed to end the idiocy that is racism and racist comments. We need to look within our own hearts and minds and toss out the stereotype mentality of our fathers, father. America is populated by so many cultures and so very diverse of people that we need to focus on the big picture that is our children’s future. We all need to take turns stirring the great melting pot that is America and be willing to be a part of the bounty that is the greatest experiment mankind has ever known. We all need to recognize that being an American is bigger intellectually and spiritually than where our ancestors came from. We can do this and be a better people and be the beacon of hope that our nation is known for around the world.


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