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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Murders and Massacre

With all the hype from the main stream media they are forgetting the children murdered by this idiot and madman. Probing into why he did what he did is redundant if you splash his picture over and over all over the media. What about the kids that died? What about their damn pictures on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or FOX? What about them and the future they ultimately had posted and talked about on the networks?

With this latest media hype on the death of these college kids is a substantial critical price in boasting all the unknown facts of their killer. Why the media chooses to make the murderer the headline is beyond me? Nobody should be talking about this monster and hoping to even remotely understand what was in his mind and why he committed this horrible crime against the students of Virginia Tech. The kid was freaking nuts and totally out of control. His desire for attention is so graciously being granted every single time his face is slammed up on the television by all of the major networks.

I don’t even own a hand gun or a rifle so I have no dog to hunt in the argument of gun owners rights. I am however a firm believer in the second amendment to the Constitution. This murderer followed the laws of the land to obtain his fire arms used in this crime. He broke no laws in getting the guns as far as I know and what the main stream media reported. This crime against America is not about gun ownership. If he wanted to get a gun to do this horrific crime then he could have had access to them from a multitude of avenues available across America and in every city that are illegal.

One of my friends stated in deference to what happened that if the rest of the students had fire arms then they probably would have taken him out before he fired his third shot! That is a thought to think about.

The main stream media should let the families of the dead grieve as they will need to do and leave it at that. Stop glorifying the murderer of these poor children of Virginia Tech. If it was attention he wanted then he got it with more than I can stomach from the Main Stream Media!

NBC was lacking clear judgment when they repeatedly aired this monsters rant. Their decision over at NBC to air the video that the monster mailed off to them in-between his killing rampage just shows a total lack of respect for all the innocent lives lost at Virginia Tech.

The following is a list of known victims from The Virginia Tech website...

Virginia Tech – In Memoriam

We Remember

Ross Abdallah Alameddine
James Christopher Bishop
Brian Roy Bluhm
Ryan Christopher Clark
Austin Michelle Cloyd
Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
Kevin P. Granata
Matthew Gregory Gwaltney
Caitlin Millar Hammaren
Jeremy Michael Herbstritt
Emily Jane Hilscher
Jarrett Lee Lane
Matthew Joseph La Porte
Henry J. Lee
Liviu Librescu
Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan
Lauren Ashley McCain
Daniel Patrick O'Neil
J. Ortiz-Ortiz

Minal Hiralal Panchal
Daniel Alejandro Perez
Erin Nicole Peterson
Michael Steven Pohle, Jr.
Julia Kathleen Pryde
Mary Karen Read
Reema Joseph Samaha
Waleed Mohamed Shaalan
Leslie Geraldine Sherman
Maxine Shelly Turner
Nicole White

The preceding victims have been positively identified, and their next of kin notified. Names of all 32 victims will be added as they become available. – Virginia Tech

I am thankful to the Virginia Tech site for not listing the murderer amongst the victims. My thoughts and prayers will be with the many families and friends that lost a loved one at Virginia Tech.


Books on Virginia Tech... My apologies to the families for having to pay the bills...

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Blogger Gary Moller said...

Here in New Zealand we have plenty of murderous nutters. Difference is the tight controls on guns, including type. If a nutter goes on a rampage, it is most likely with a knife or a single shot rifle. Makes a huge difference to the carnage.

I have written an article about people who do these mass murders here:

I think the argument that Virgina Tech justifies all Americans bearing arms is laughable - sure there might be fewer mass killings; but there sure will be many, many more random killings - think about road rage incidents for example!!!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the comment Gary. I don't pretend to know anything about gun but my friends over at the are pretty much my source for information regarding anything concerning responsible gun ownership.

I'm not sure where you found the link that Virginia Tech justifies all Americans bearing arms though?

Blog on my friend, and by the way your own site is pretty interesting.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am British and although we have some pretty awful stuff happening there too we do NOT have the awful things that happen here in USA. WHYmust people have the right to bear arms ,don;t the government realise there are always people who will abuse it.Those kida would be alive today if that boy had not been able to just walk in and buy guns. Where is the control ,who noticed he was getting out of control ,for God's sake wake up America nad STOP this violence before you have 5 year old's coming to scholl with their dad;s guns and shooting each other ,I hope the parenst of these unfortunate kids sue the hell out of the cops,school and governmnet.!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Regretfully, it comes down to our Constitution and I back it one hundred percent. The second ammendment is clear on this. Are there problems with how it is defined, YES!

Most gun owners obtain them legally and this puke bag slipped through the cracks. He was not an American by any means of the word. He was a monster out for attention with a serious mental health history.

That should be the issue and not gun owners rights in America.

Great post and comment! I appreciate it.

10:13 PM  

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