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Monday, January 22, 2007

School stabbing blamed on “Asperger syndrome”?

The story listed below was contributed by my sixteen year old daughter. Here in Massachusetts there recently was a fight in one of our public schools where one of the participants was stabbed to death by a fellow student with Asperger Syndrome. My daughter wanted to speak out and have her opinion heard. Here is what she thinks about this issue…

School stabbing because of “Asperger syndrome”?

By: Papamoka’s Teen

This is outrageous! From experience the label of any disorder has no excuses for any behavior that can lead to death. If this teen has the ability to be in main stream school with “normal teens” then he should not be able to use the excuse of it’s the Aspergers syndrome.

The reason why I picked this subject to talk about is because once, I was a troubled teen that needed help and didn’t seek it in all the positive ways. What I am trying to get at is that not all kids seek help in the best ways and most of the time the person needing that help gives little hints like this boy did. If people see anything weird in someone then you have to take action. I think kids with any kind of disorder should have a chance in a “normal” main stream school because they just might have the ability to overcome and do very well in the school.

But there are also schools that kids with a “special problem” can go to and get help where they need it. When kids spill out things that sound weird there should be a place in school where people can feel safe to talk about these things. Because I know for a fact that there are schools that do not have a special place for kids to talk to a grown up and seek help. This makes me mad!

That people do not take action on these things and sometimes the problem explodes into a much bigger problem, and so many different problems emerge and as it gets worse. This is the second bad thing that happened in a school that had signs which kids and teachers saw a problem developing and didn’t take a jump at getting the student help.

Just these reasons are why I support therapy and help for kids. Not all kids with emotional and mental disorders need help and special accommodations but some do.

Papamoka’s Teen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Papamoka you have quite a smart young daughter and I am proud to be a part of her life. Each day she amazes me more and more with the adversity she and all of you have over come. Way to go chief!

10:02 PM  

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