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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Together We Can Make A Difference

This Liberal Democrat is on the Obama band wagon for President one hundred and ten percent! He is the only one talking about what WE as Americans can do together. Not what the Republican Right can only do, not what the Democrat Left can only do but what all of us together can do. United as one America to serve one purpose. Giving the people back their government as it should be.

Senator Barack Obama (D) IL has it in him to do just that. Bring the people back to the government rather have them fighting and bickering over whom is to blame for any given situation. The man has the ability to speak to a crowd and make a unique connection with every single person in that audience. Few people with that God given gift are out there even looking at the possibility of running for President of these here United States of America.

Then you have to look at his education and background and you just have to sigh with a great sense of relief. Harvard Law school. It would be so nice to sleep at night just knowing that the decisions made from the most powerful office in the world are not made over a rock, paper and scissors game.

WASHINGTON – Senator Barack Obama took his first step into the Democratic presidential race today by opening an exploratory committee to raise money and begin building a campaign designed “to change our politics.” He said he would make a formal declaration Feb. 10 in his home state of Illinois.

“Running for the presidency is a profound decision – a decision no one should make on the basis of media hype or personal ambition alone,” Mr. Obama said in a video address e-mailed to his supporters. “So before I committed myself and my family to this race, I wanted to be sure that this was right for us and, more importantly, right for the country.”

Mr. Obama disclosed his decision on his Web site and was not planning to make other statements today. Instead, he was making a series of telephone calls to key Democratic leaders in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states with early contests on the party’s 2008 nominating calendar.

Mr. Obama, 45, was elected to the Senate two years ago. He becomes the fifth Democrat to enter the race, joining Senators Joseph R. Biden of Delaware and Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut as well as former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina and Tom Vilsack, who stepped down this month as governor of Iowa. - The New York Times

I was listening to talk radio today from Boston 96.9FM because you can no longer get Air America in Boston but that is another post from a few days back. What bothered me was the banter over the fact that Senator Barack Obama is Black? Personally, I don’t care if a candidate is Purple. If the message and the ability to get the job done right is there then you have my vote!

The Senator from Illinois is honest to a fault and that is something I admire. I consider him the best candidate from the Democrats in decades. I believe it was Frank Rich whom made a good point when he offered the fact that the Senators voting record is not long enough to convict him with negative political advertisements and his time to run is now.

Senator Barack Obama for President from this Liberal Democrat in Massachusetts! Together We Can Make A Difference!

See the video here at Senator Obama’s Web Page


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Blogger Roger Williams said...

Finally! An empty vessel into whom we huddled masses can pour our vague, amorphous good will and wishes! All things to all people!

6:23 AM  

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