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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Separation of a Marriage

Sometimes after many years of marriage it becomes a convenient avenue to accept the fact that the person you married no longer loves you. Even if it isn’t true. You can look at statistics and believe the failure rate and accept the fact that you do not deserve a lifetime commitment any more. People in the relationship convince themselves that that is the fact and react accordingly. Human nature is what it is and tactics of trying to evoke jealously are engaged to get a reaction but back fire. The grass is not always greener over the septic tank! The septic tank has its own problems that is self explanatory for its purpose and its existence.

If you ever think that your relationship with your life time partner is over then you can’t just look at what is happening today in your life. Tomorrow is another day. The person you swore an oath of faithfulness today is not the same person on the day of your wedding five or ten or twenty years ago. People grow, people change, its what we as humans do. We grow. Sometimes we grow apart faster than our partners but you have to have faith in the ones that stood by you while you grew. Helped you grow and knew the reason and understanding of self. Backed you when others thought you would fail because they simply believed in you. Tossing them aside because you have grown to fast is a crime not easily forgiven.

Not one soul alive today is perfect in any relationship. Be it a friendship or a life long marriage. We all have our demons to face and some people can face them more easily than others. Some people choose to never face them. Others can confront them and put them where they belong in the relationship. Your wife is not your mother, your husband is not your father. Whatever the demon is, you alone have to overcome it and understand that the person you married and fell in love with is not that demon.

If there is violence in your relationship of any kind then you need to get out and get as far away as possible. No man should ever strike a woman, and no woman should ever strike a man. Equality works both ways. When it comes to violence in any relationship then the exit sign should be well lit.

Communication between the two loving adults is key. Don’t ever lose the keys to your current vehicle of your relationship if you see a car that might be newer or better if it isn’t a reliable source of a relationship vehicle.

Just my opinion.


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Blogger small town girl said...

Like when the tears fall down. He tries to tell you that you have no right to cry, as this was what you wanted...

You must drive away from the court house, wondering if anyone but God would understand. The hole in the wall of your home suggest that you not be sad...

Yet you cry...
Alone with God...

7:33 PM  
Blogger small town girl said...

Then somewhere in the night...

God hears...

8:14 AM  

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