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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush's New Iraq Plan in 2007`

I'm not a large supporter of this President by any means. He has lied to us so many times on so many issues that I don't know if I can trust his word anymore. That being said, I believed his speach this evening on the change in plans for the war in Iraq. President Bush made it clear in his chat with the American people that our commitment to the Iraqi government is not open ended. That is a first for this President.

That one statement tells me that the end of this war is on the horizon and the withdrawl of our troops may in fact happen before this sitting President leaves office. How I came to that assumption is strictly based on what he said. The government of Iraq has to come up to the plate and bat. Finally, he has told them to stand up or shut the hell up. The Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri Al Maliki is doing just that. He is putting his people to work on the cleaning up of the vigilante mentality of his own country. It's about friging time!

Iraq needs to be schooled and face the laws of Iraq by the people of Iraq. No foreign presence will ever be able to do that for them. I believe the President when he said that he has given them tasks to meet and if they can not meet those tasks then America can no longer fight their battles for them.

This is a major gamble for this President. His political reputation and legacy is on the line for this last push in Iraq. He is relying on the people of Iraq to not make him look like a fool. I'm sorry but I would have folded that hand if this was a game of poker. However, I do not have the information that this President has so I may just be the one betting against four aces when all I have is two pair.


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Blogger small town girl said...

Great post, my friend :)

I didn't hear the speech, but if Mr Bush is finally admitting that "staying the course" is no longer his plan...

That would be cool!!

12:02 AM  

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