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Monday, January 01, 2007

Scammers are Out There...

I realize that the majority of readers to this site are in fact very intelligent men and woman but I just wanted to and felt the need to have to warn you about scammers out there looking to get your personal info. Think of this as a Papamoka public service contribution. It’s the new year so we want all of our readers to be internet savvy. We have all gotten an email from an African Prince wanting to divert funds from the nations treasury for a cut of the money. Sometimes your junk mail just doesn’t toss them out.

I found a link to a great guy that is exposing all of these links and it is worth checking out. Especially, if you are gullible, anyone told you were gullible or you even remotely think you are… gullible. Click on this site and get yourself educated on scams.

In Search of Eutopia

Email and online facts to know. No part of the United States Government will ever contact you initially. Not going to happen ever. Delete, delete, delete. No Bank in America is ever going to contact you initially. Delete, delete, delete. Anything coming from Africa in your email… Delete, delete, delete. Anyone begging you for any of your personal information and especially your banking or social security number… Delete, delete, delete.

This message has been sponsored by… me. Keep your fire walls burning as much as you do the fireplace. Stay warm and keep you personal computer and personal information to yourself.


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