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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Openly Accepted Terrorism in Iraq

Over at The New York Times they have a great piece on openly accepted terrorism and insurgent activities in Iraq. It comes as no surprise to me when every single visiting Congressional member of our government comes home and says flat out that we need to ultimately pull out of Iraq!

Our President has other plans and they include sending more of our children in to fight in a society that places no value on any human life. American soldiers are below that threshold.

Banned Station Broadcasts Voice of Rebels in Iraq

Published: January 21, 2007 - The New York Times

BAGHDAD, Jan. 20 — The video starts with a young American soldier patrolling an Iraqi street. His head is obscured by leaves, so a red target is digitally inserted to draw the viewer’s eye. A split second later, the soldier collapses, shot. Martial music kicks in, a jihadi answer to John Philip Sousa. The time and place of the attack scrolls at the bottom of the screen.

Such tapes, along with images of victims of Shiite militias and unflattering coverage of Shiite leaders, are beaming across Iraq and much of the Middle East 24 hours a day, broadcast by a banned Iraqi satellite television station that has become a major information center for the Sunni insurgency — and the focus of a cat-and-mouse hunt that has exasperated and infuriated American and Iraqi forces.

Making the situation even more galling for the authorities, American and Iraqi officials say that money stolen from the United States probably helps pay for the station.

“They do not have programs but buffoonery, blaspheming and support for terrorism,” said Jalal al-Din al-Sagheer, a senior member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a Shiite party. “The source of funding for the channel is theft.”

The channel’s founder, Meshaan al-Juburi, is a former Sunni member of Parliament who was indicted last February on charges of embezzling millions of American dollars meant to pay for a vast pipeline protection force he had been assigned to help build with recruits from Salahuddin Province. He was accused of collecting salaries for thousands of soldiers who did not exist.
- The New York Times

I have three words how to stop this insanity and they are Central Intelligence Agency. I do not honestly care how they get it done but somebody needs to pay this Meshaan al-Juburi a visit. Take him for a trip to some undisclosed location and inspire him to the ways of true justice in the region that he is sucking every dollar for personal profit from.

What pisses me off most about this story is that the people in the Arab world we call the Middle East are laughing at the death of one of our kids in uniform and probably shouting out loud to Alah on it being a good thing. Meanwhile a mother in Kansas or New York or Texas will get a visit from the United States Military to announce the death of her twenty year old son or daughter.

As much as I detest this war I am appalled at the people of the region finding it of any entertainment value to see an American soldier being assassinated for the sake of something to watch on television. The whole region is a loss and America should pull all of our troops out to a neutral zone. If the current administration doesn’t want to play hardball with these pukes and use every resource our government has to find murdering camera crews of our troops then they are not facing reality.

There is no way to change the mentality of the people in Iraq, Syria, Iran and even Saudi Arabia when it comes to America. We will always be the unclean infidels and they will always be in their minds far more spiritually enlightened and closer to God. I don’t honestly know which side is right but I want our troops out of their religious war. That in fact is what is going on now in Iraq.


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