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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bush, Cheney and Nixon… These Three Think Alike

Few of the younger generation can recall the dread that people felt during the Watergate investigations and the relevance of it to the highest office in the land. It was indeed a time of great shame for our nation when the person entrusted to uphold the laws of the land broke them when he felt it suited him.

Does this ring a bell? Something sound a little to familiar about that situation thirty plus years ago and what is happening in Washington D.C. today?

Ex-Cheney aide shares media manipulation - Palm Beach Post

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A smorgasbord of Washington insider details has emerged during the perjury trial of the vice president's former chief of staff.

For example, when Dick Cheney really needed friends in the news media, his staff was short of phone numbers.

No one served up spicier morsels than Cheney's former top press assistant. Cathie Martin described the craft of media manipulation - under oath and in blunter terms than politicians like to hear in public.

The uses of leaks and exclusives. When to let one's name be used and when to hide in anonymity. Which news medium was seen as more susceptible to control and what timing was most propitious. All candidly described. Even the rating of certain journalists as friends to favor and critics to shun - a faint echo of the enemies list drawn up in Richard Nixon's White House more than 30 years ago.

The trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby owes its very existence to a news leak, the public disclosure four summers ago of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity. - Palm Beach Post

Our Vice President did the dirty deed of leaking Valerie Plame’s identity and her connections to the C.I.A. because he was pissed off over her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, and his report in The New York Times that the yellow cake uranium in the Presidents State of the Union address was a lie. Once the deed was done, Cheney pointed the fingers everywhere but at himself. Tenet was supposed to be the fall guy for the Vice President but he didn’t by the cow.

What we have here people is an administration that is deceptive, dishonest, and without a doubt no backbone. Supporting the lie in the State of the Union address was far more important to the administration than telling the truth to the American people. What else were they covering up? Well from what I see in the funny papers they are going to need to invest in a ton of those bright orange jump suits that prisoners have to wear.


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