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Monday, January 29, 2007

AGLOCO and Papamoka Straight Talk

I'm testing out some stuff to help pay for the old blog here. I came across this thing called AGLOCO and thought I would give it a try. It's in the Beta stage and it is the first thing I've come across that pays you the blogger for belonging to the network. How it works is that they charge the advertisers up front for placing ads on a tool bar that you can soon download.

If you as a reader has heard anything about this I would appreciate a heads up in the comment section. I've provided a permanent link to it in the left hand side if you want to check it out further. It was recommended by John Chow over at John Chow dot Com.

One thing that did not impress me was there was not a logo to download to post on my blog for it. I believe the sales pitch so far and it would be nice to have a professional logo rather than me just typing AGLOCO Member - Make the Internet 4U

I signed up just for shits and giggles and here is what the company site has to say about the program and promoting to people like yourself...

Why does AGLOCO use a referral system?

“The most valuable part of AGLOCO is its Members. By referring others to AGLOCO, you provide them with value and for that, AGLOCO thinks you should get some of that value you provide.

It makes sense. Think about YouTube. The first, most active users were on the site when the software was buggy and there were few videos available, but their Membership (and referrals to others) is what made the site a success. When it was sold for $1.65 billion, how much of that did these first users see? Nothing. With the AGLOCO referral system, Members get more for building the network.”

Member Privacy

“AGLOCO takes privacy very seriously and keeps all of your personal information strictly confidential and secure. Some other popular Internet companies take your personal information, use it, profit off it, sell it to others, and then give you nothing. AGLOCO will not share ANY of your Membership information with any unauthorized third party, and YOU share in the profits made from more personalized advertisements.

AGLOCO’s privacy policy stipulates exactly what information might be collected. It is 100% transparent and spyware-free. Moreover, while you are paid for the time the Viewbar is up, you can turn it off at any time. To ensure that your privacy is kept paramount, AGLOCO has hired a Chief Privacy Officer, Ray Everett-Church. Ray was the Internet’s first Chief Privacy Officer, and co-author of ‘Internet Privacy for Dummies’. You can trust that our privacy is safe with AGLOCO.”

Where AGLOCO makes money

“There are a whole bunch of ways AGLOCO makes money on behalf of Members. Here are just a few quick examples.

First of all, the Viewbar has a search function you can use to search yahoo, google, etc. Every time you use this search bar, the AGLOCO community makes money.

Second, the Viewbar has space for a text-only ad (no loud, flashing banners – just unobtrusive text). These ads make money for the AGLOCO community.

Third, AGLOCO has affiliate programs with a number of online retailers. Buy from one of these sites and AGLOCO makes money.”

Let me know what you think? I would appreciate it if you sign up under the Papamoka members network if you think it just might be for you. Especially, if you are a simple little blogger like me.


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