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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Looking for Boston's Progressive Talk?

In the nations capitol of liberalism and birth place of patriotism and democrats the voice of Air America was silenced recently by Clear Channel in Boston. Without warning listeners were rudely awoken to a venue change in programming to all Spanish music. Gone are the righteous banter of the Young Turks in the morning drive slot, gone is The Stephanie Miller show and the hillarious content and quick wit of the producers and co-hosts of the show for mid morning. Gone is The Al Franken Show with his comical relief to all of the issues that the right dares to claim sovereinty over. Ed Shultz, the football player with a strong liberal and moral opinion based on reason is gone for the drive home. Randi Rhodes with her in your face attitude towards what is the right path to travel is now silent. Doctor Rachel Maddow, a Massachusette resident and national radio personality is no longer heard in Boston.

There is hope and it has to come from the people listening to Air America on a daily basis. Or for that matter that used to be able to listen to Air America. Below is the request for help. The quest to get our Air America progressive talk radio back has begun.

Our voice, the voice of Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and Providence, R.I. was once at AM1200(WKOX) and AM1430 (WSKS). Now it is silent, and thousands of Progressives in the Boston, Fall River and Providence area are left without an outlet for our political and social thought. While the region has over ten conservative talk radio stations, truly media saturation, the population is left without balance.

At 12noon [on December 21, 2006], Clear Channel changed AM1200 and AM1430 content to Spanish music.

How does the bluest city in the bluest state in the union lose their progressive talk station? Well, lack of passion or dedication to the product/format, lack of local programming, lack of local advertising, a weak radio signal (which Clear Channel boosted AFTER the format change even though Boston Progressive Talk listeners had begged for the advancement for two years), a station basically set to "autopilot" in operations, and deliberate and conscious neglect by Clear Channel are big reasons.

Progressive Talk listeners in the Boston, Fall River and Providence area are large, passionate, dedicated and hungry for a radio station that reflects their thoughts and values. If given a "real" chance a Progressive Talk radio station would flourish.

Loyal listeners are meeting, brainstorming and planning for the future at

Join US!

To get the large banner, copy and paste this:

To get the small banner, copy and paste this:

Thanks for you help and continued support! Forward this blog to all your friends in New England and across the nation.


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