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Sunday, December 24, 2006

If the Congress is not Going to Tackle Immigration…

I think that I have said this over and over again. If the Federal Government is not going to tackle immigration then the States and Local community governments will. Passing a city wide resolution against illegal immigrants and in doing so as well against legal immigrants is easy to do by a voice vote behind closed doors. This kind of local reaction opens up the Pandora’s Box Constitutionally, I don’t think this is the way to go.

Farmers Branch, Texas is taking up the issue because they are probably overwhelmed with illegal immigrants and I honestly do not blame the local city council for passing on fines to landlords and businesses for hiring of illegal aliens. They have had enough of being over run.

But, big old hairy butt! They can’t do that according to Federal law no matter what their intentions are at protecting or defending their own community. So the law suites start. Can these small towns and cities afford the future litigation because of the lack of realistic Federal guidelines?

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas -- The owners of three apartment complexes in this Dallas suburb asked a federal judge Friday to declare unconstitutional a new law that bans renting to illegal immigrants.

Their lawsuit also seeks to keep the city from enforcing the ordinance on Jan. 12, when it is scheduled to go into effect.

Last month, City Council members voted to fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants, make English the city's official language and allow local authorities to screen suspects in police custody to check their immigration status.
A council member said then he expected the new laws to be challenged in court. - Washington Post

What is the message that America is sending all these folks that are coming here other than “WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!” Even if they are doing the jobs that nobody that is educated over the sixth grade in America would do ever! Those dishes at your favorite dining establishment did not wash themselves. The linens that were sent out to be washed were not washed by somebody making a decent living wage but somebody working for half a living wage at a second or third job that nobody else wants to do.

Then you get the nice rich folks in this piece on MSNBC from the Associated Press that evicted the immigrants like cockroaches from their chosen place to practice their faith…

SAN DIEGO - For 20 years, many of the illegal immigrants drawn by jobs in tomato fields have worshipped at an outdoor church, a concrete altar in a canyon where they slept under the shelter of plywood and plastic tarps and bathed in a stream.

Today, however, McGonigle Canyon is overshadowed by multimillion-dollar homes, and police and landowners want the eyesores gone. The squatters and their tree-covered place of worship, which the Roman Catholic church installed in the 1980s, are being expelled in one of the latest skirmishes in the nation’s battle over illegal immigration and homeless squatters’ camps.

“We’re wandering pilgrims once again,” Monsignor Frank Fawcett told about 75 people at a Mass earlier this month. The service was held in a dirt parking lot at the top of the canyon because rain turned the path leading to the altar into thick mud

Anyone see a pattern here? Who is the new enemy of America today? Is the War on Terror getting old?

What the hell is the game plan to solve this problem we have to keep coming back to over and over again? Going after employers is not the answer. Going after the churches that offer a place to worship your God is not the answer. Going after the Mom and Pop that own a multi family is not the answer. America needs a serious immigration policy and nobody in our nations capitol wants to touch this issue with a ten foot pole. Why is that?

I’m not going to mince words or hide where my position is on this serious issue other than I am concerned for legal and illegal immigrants across our nation. In this nation today this issue of illegal immigration can raise the temperature in any room by ten degrees or more in a matter of seconds. If that happens in civil conversations like here at the Gun Toting Liberal then what is happening at the local bars or clubs where a few ignorant men could come up with a mob mentality and start taking the laws of our land into their own hands? You could put an egg timer on how fast the innocent and the guilty illegal immigrants could be harmed or a worse ending to any given scenario. The end result is not good for either side.

I’m a died in the wool Liberal and I feel for people and not corporations that take advantage of these people. They come here for the bounty that is America and most of them work their butts off at several jobs that nobody else wants. They work not for themselves but for their children be they here or back at home. Isn’t that what you and I do every single day as well? Pick any nationality in America and you have your crime element but that does not mean that all Irish, Italians, Germans, Russians, or any nationality is one hundred percent guilty.

I don’t honestly believe this government can come to a reasonable conclusion when it comes to immigration because the corporations of America will fight it at every level. I’m not talking your Wall Street Journal and NYSE listed corporations but the average size business across America that fuels this nations economy. The small companies that have fifty or less employees. How do you let go trained and experienced employees that as far as you know are legal immigrants? Much like the guy running the machines next to you. Or the gal driving the school bus that picks up your kids every day? What about the guy that does your taxes with the heavy accent that works for your accountant? For that matter the guy or girl with the heavy brogue that serves you the best drinks at your local bar? How do you tell all of them to just get the hell out?

With the heat of immigration in the papers every single day Americas corporations are outsourcing and closing American plants at a rapid rate. Those good paying jobs are going south of the border for a reason. Cheap labor is where the almighty dollar is and if America is closing its doors to it then the plants will continue to move out of the nation. The kick in the teeth is that our own government rewards and gives huge tax credits for any corporation to close a plant in America and move it out of this country. Now that is an immigration policy big business can agree on.


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