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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vermont GMO Labeling

Much to the chagrin of politicians in Washington DC is the ability of states to enact laws within their borders.  Republican politicians in Washington attached and tried to bury in HR933, a bill to fund the government and many other important endeavors that are much needed as a sign it or kill it ultimatum.  The president funded the government with his signature.  Republicans supported financially by Monsanto with donations or previous jobs in the industry celebrated the free for all status that gave Monsanto immunity of prosecution from the products they Franken create called Genetically Modified Seeds.

When you can not trust the federal government to protect the food supply then you as a state government can regulate laws to protect your citizens.  People in Vermont like their food the old fashioned way.  The kind where the after affects are just a full belly and kids that grow up healthy.  I so love the folks in Vermont.  This is from the Burlington Free Press...

MONTPELIER The Agriculture Committee in the Vermont House has approved a bill calling for genetically modified foods to be specially labeled.

The bill lays out technical definitions for what constitutes genetic modification, and says food that has been subject to those techniques must bear a label saying so.

The legislation faces an uncertain future, and is expected to go next to the House Judiciary Committee, before being debated by the full House.

Supporters of the House bill say consumers want information about what’s in their food.

The bill has drawn warnings from the attorney general’s office that it’s likely to be challenged in a lawsuit brought by industry. -Burlington Free Press

The people in Vermont are working on getting GMO's labeled for consumers so that you as the consumer can decide to buy that product or go for what grows naturally without being bastardized with dna cells that emit toxins inside the plant to stop bugs from eating it while it grows. There is not enough test data to prove or disprove the effects of GMO foods and that is and should be a great concern to all Americans.  Do you want to know if the can of corn you open to go with dinner has the potential to harm your children's health because the genes inside the corn have been modified to kill certain insects?  I sure do.  I did a post on it last summer that you can check out here.  Monsanto GM Corn with BT Toxin.

HR933 is more or less a resolution to fund the federal government and not a permanent law.  It expires in September of 2013.  Now is the time to act out and ring the warning bell.  If Vermont can start the ball rolling on GMO labeling then so can other states.  Let the GMO revolution start in Vermont and move state by state till the bought and paid for politicians in Monsamerica are irrelevant.  Spread the word and spread it fast.

We the people deserve the right to know what is in our food and what we feed our children.  We the people can end around Monsanto and the federal government much like a football play by demanding GMO labeling in our individual states.  Have to love state rights. I wonder how many other states are looking into GMO labeling laws.  Let me know in the comments please.



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